The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

by Anish Sah April 25, 2017
Guest Blogging


Earlier, guest posts or blogs might have meant slapping the name of the author on quickly written blogs and then publishing them on the web.

But today, things has changed as blogs are now considered to be the crucial pathway to online fame, success and reputation, if done well.

So, below is my Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging that every blogger must consider prior to blogging.

Few years back, I started Guest Blogging and to say that I have not learnt anything from my experience in these years would be a lie indeed. Over these years I have written many guest posts and featured them on some of the biggest and leading blogs related to my niche.

Most of my guest posts were written mainly for generating traffic for my blogs, while some of them were written to get subscribers and to enhance my sphere of influence. So, over the year I have gained immense knowledge and experience in the field of advanced guest posting.

According to the research performed by Ahref, SEO agencies seem to bee using Guest blogging as an ultimate tool to boost search engine ranking.

Hence, today I would like to share my experience and write a comprehensive and Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting to help other bloggers to avoid those mistakes which I have made till date and improve their overall experience with Guest Blog.

About Guest Blogging

Being a guest blogger, the very first question that may strike your mind is “What is Guest Blogging All About?” Well, many bloggers believe that forum marketing is way to market the blogs and website on forums and blog commenting is the act of commenting on different blog posts. But, what exactly guest blogging is all about?


I think, guest blogging is the process of writing blog posts for another blogs in a bid to get quality back-links to your blogs, generating traffic, building relationships and gaining maximum exposure.

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Who Are The Ideal Users of Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging Services have a variety of benefits, but one thing that I have seen today is that most of the readers believe guest blogging is merely an online money making niche. They are still wondering if it is truly efficient for other niche.

Guest Blogging
As I mentioned earlier,
guest blogging is the act to provide free content to other blogs in a bid to generate traffic, get back-links and get maximum exposure.

Thereby, it is considered really effective and practical in other niches as well. The only problem which I faced and of course other bloggers too face is to find the blogs to write for a niche other than the MMO niche.


But, you need to understand that the blog you have given to write for a guest blog always have lesser number of guest bloggers and hence it increases your chance to get more results from publishing such guest posts. So, anyone can use any blog for any niche, as long as there are blog posts within their niche.

How to Start Guest Blogging?

When it first started writing guest posts and publishing them on web, I typically made many mistakes like all other new guest bloggers. However, I learned a lot from my mistakes. The mistake that I made was writing a lot many of guest posts and publishing them on different online blogs without knowing the consequences and benefits of it.

Many bloggers believe that it is the best way to start with, but in reality it is not at all effective. You must not always imitate others and start doing guest blogging because others are doing. In internet marketing and blogging there is hardly anything called “Luck”! So, everything that you do in blogging must be well planned right from the conception till end.

The very first thing that you must know prior to starting blogging is the reason for which you want to start Guest Blogging. As I have already mentioned, the prime focus of guest blogging is to generate traffic, get quality back-links, get subscribers, credibility, and exposure and brand awareness.

So, have a look at these reasons and benefits and know why exactly you want to Guest Blog. Once you discover the reason for writing guest posts, you can move ahead with your post.

What Must Be Your Approach?

Well, in Guest Blogging you just don’t have to choose an approach and start writing guest post.

Instead, you need to calculate and plan everything that you are intending to do to ensure that you are reaping maximum benefits from your efforts and time.

Although choosing an approach and working on it straightway is better to get satisfactory results, but it won’t help you in long run.

So, ensure to calculate everything you are intending to do to reap maximum benefits from your efforts. For instance, if you are planning to do guest blog in a bid to get large traffic for your website and subscribers for your blogs, then focusing on small blogs won’t help you much.

Similarly, if getting quality backlinks is the prime focus then it is always best to guest blog for big and popular blogs.

Below, I will provide you with an insight into value of Guest Blogging to make you understand what exactly I mean to say.Guest Blogging Tips - Earn With Anish

If you will look at this graphic above, you will come to know that the only best use of your time on small blog is to build quality back-links. However, many bloggers have a dispute that bigger blogs have more authorities and I too stand by their dispute.

The popular and big blogs have many authorities compared to the small blogs. But, these big blogs guarantee to provide you with great results like 5-6 high quality page rank 4 blogs with different anchor texts to same page. This is what I have tried and tested and believe me I have received great results from this strategy.

So, based on my experience and working strategy, it is always a wise decision to focus and spend your time in Guest Blogging for big blogs, whether it is for exposure, credibility, subscribers, traffic or brand awareness.

My Golden Rules on How to Write Guest Post!

Although I have many rules and strategies for Guest Blogging, but the rules I am going to share How to Write Guest Post have always worked for me and never failed.

These were the rules that helped me to get my written guest posts published on some of the popular and biggest online blogs and hence I hope that it would also work for you in the same way and help you achieve your blogging dream.

1. Research

The very first thing that I do prior to writing guest post is research thoroughly. By research I don’t mean that simply researching online to get an idea about the blog post and anything of that nature.

Instead, I mean researching the blog itself to become accustomed with it so that you first blog get successfully submitted and published.

For “travel”, we could try queries such as:

  • travel” + “write for us”
  • travel” + “guest post”
  • “travel” + “contribute to”

guest blogging oppertunities
It is necessary for every blogger to research the blog itself in a bid to get an idea how the blog works and the key person behind the blog, the type of content blog allows and to know the tricks to easily get your blogs published.

For example, if you are trying to post in blog blogs, you need to read and check at least 30-40 blog posts published on that particular blog to understand and get an idea of what is accepted and allowed there. Ensure to read the most recently published blog posts to know what is very common amongst the bloggers of that particular blog.

Through research, I found that most of the big blogs never accept SEO’s Anchor Texts, while some don’t have problems with the links within the blog post as far as the links are highly relevant.

So, every blog host is different from each other and hence with research you can understand that prior to doing guest blogging for the blog.

2. Writing

When it comes to Guest Blogging, you have to raise your normal writing standards because there are many other bloggers that are competing for attention and hence a well written and quality blog post can only stand out. Try to research efficiently to write quality SEO blog posts and ensure that the content for the guest blog is informative, detailed and unique.


3. Proofreading

Without proofreading the guest blog it won’t be possible to submit a blog post. Proofreading the content prior to submitting is necessary to ensure that it is clear, presentable and error free. If always prefer to double check and proofread the content prior to submission and this increases the chance of my posts to get published on all major blog.

4. Submission

This is the crucial factor in Guest Blogging as per me. Many bloggers believe that pitching before writing is important, but I believe that writing is more important prior to pitching as it helped me a lot. If you write guest post for a blog and it is not accepted, then it would be disappointing for you indeed. But, if you send your guest post along with a query email, then surely the blog owner will give a quick scan to see if the blog is right for their blog. Ensure to keep email polite. Below is the example for sending an email along with your blog post.

Ways to Find Blogs

Based on how you want to be your Guest Blogging, it is a painful and complicated task to find the blogs for your niche.finding-blogs-guest-blogging

However, by the end of the post you will learn the ways to find the blogs. Some of the reliable places to find the Blogs are:

  1. Alltop Directory
  2. Technorati Blog Directory
  3. MyBlogGuest Directory
  4. Google Blog Search
  5. Search Engines

How to Develop Blog Content?

Many bloggers believe that I am a content machine when they come to know that I have written over hundreds of Guest Blog in these few years. But, it is worth mentioning here that all the content ideas come to me naturally and I also have resources which I prefer to use when I get stuck and some of these resources are discussed below.

Leading Blogs in My Niche

When it get stuck on idea what I should write, I usually visit the leading blogs that are related to my niche. I access the sidebar of these leading blogs to check the blogs that are mostly read and popular. This gives me an idea to write at least 10-15 quality content for Guest Blog.

Social Media

Another effective way to get idea for blog post is being alert and watchful on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Delicious and some of the other popular social media sites.

Blog Comments of Readers

By reading the comment sections of your favorite blogs you can also get an idea about the topics you need to cover in your next guest blog. You need to check the type of questions that are being raised by the readers and based on their queries you need to create content that solve their queries and provide them helpful answers.


Being a blogger I have subscribed to many top forums in my niche and this is proved to an effective content generation hub for me. All you need to do is to search for some of the popular and recent threads on the forums and see what other people have to say and what they want to know more. You can use their queries to come up with a fresh and unique content which will answer their queries and provide them helpful information about the queries that they have raised on these forums.

Final Words

There are other limitless ways to know the topics that you need to cover in your guest blog, but these above-mentioned ways are very effective that can help you find and get ideas for your next blog post for Guest Blogging.

Using them will help you to have sufficient resources, tools and ideas to generate hundreds and thousands of blog posts.

Getting to the top of Google for free can be an easy task if you can master guest blogging!

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