100+ Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship [Complete List]

by Anish Sah January 04, 2018
Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship

Looking for Sites like Youtube without Censorship? This article can help!

When it comes to videos, YouTube is simply the king. From the date of establishment, YouTube became the precious gems for sharing video and unique content. Since it’s now the product of Google, it’s quite hard to beat the giant. However, there’s something called “Censorship” that has put huge mass on the YouTube.

Well, YouTube uses censorship, restriction and many other features which have made it pretty friendly and suitable to all the genders. At the same time, it has been less favorite for those who like raw, unblurred and uncut videos. So, where do you look for Sites Like YouTube without Censorship?

It’s quite surprising that there’s a huge mass using other platforms where censorship word does not exist. Meanwhile, many of us don’t have any idea about its existence. So, without further delay, here’s the quick glance to.

Video Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship

Well, every other video sharing platforms have some kind of rules and regulations. However, these are the sites that totally bypass such things.


f you are fond of shocking real-life videos, then this might become your favorite. Well, this website is 100 percent video sites without censorship. If you ever come to the videos where things are blurred and contain high graphics, then you know where to look at now.

sites like youtube without restrictions

Too Shocking

Well, the name or domain of the website defines the theme of the website pretty well. This is another famous video site without censorship which mainly focus more on shocking videos rather than graphic content. 



Warning, this is not the site you want to go for if you are pretty soft-hearted. This site contains tons of heart breaking Besides, you can witness the man inhumanity to its fullness.


Along with site like YouTube without censorship, this could be the perfect platform for those who are into cryptocurrency. DTube is recognized as the streaming video platform linked to Steemit and users simply make cryptocurrency money via upvotes or likes.


If you are fond of political speech or free speech, then this website it for you. BitTube is the online platform which allows sharing politically incorrect videos without censorship. It replaced the eminent TruTube, that shut down in April 2016, without any explanation.


PewTube is another platform which is just like YouTube but better and it also follows no censorship rule. This website is mainly famous for conspiracy videos. The recent stats show that it has around 500,000 monthly visitors.



SteemQ is another famous and emerging platforms which compete solely competes the giant YouTube. The idea of SteemQ is to use blockchain and avoid third-party This platform is open source and it purely evades fellow advertisers. Moreover, creators are well focused on giving the desired reward for the content provider with the help of cryptocurrency.


Well, the name is enough to describe the what site is all about. LivePeer is an open source project that mainly focuses on live video broadcasting on the internet. Since it’s the main purpose is live broadcasting, it’s one of the competitive sites like YouTube without censorship.


Badmirror is another video broadcasting platform where censorship isn’t an issue. Well, the website hasn’t launched yet but for now, the site is collecting its audience through email. All the audience will be notified by email after its launch. The creator claims to deliver the meaningful content with less restriction and censorship.

Well, that was the list of prominent sites like YouTube without censorship. Let’s see the site like YouTube but better and to our surprise, they’re gaining the huge audience day by day.


After the YouTube, Blip.tv is the new sensational in the world of video sharing platform. According to the surveyed conducted by media tracking company, Blip.tv has tens of millions unique visitors per month. Well, this could be the new beginning of a huge alternative to YouTube.

The only bad aspect of this is, it stopped accepting new content. Well, this might be for only now. But if Blip.tv has to compete with YouTube, then it certainly has to encourage new content. That’s the only way, it can beat the giant. 


The website traffic is increasing tremendously. Well, most of us might not know about Dailymotion, but whenever we heard its word, it’s sound like pretty familiar. The site is pretty encouraging to artsy and risqué videos, whereas it hit over 100 million visits per month in 2013. Well, Dailymotion might have the rules about censorship, but it is the site like YouTube without censorship.



Flickr is well known for photo-storing and sharing sites. People who love and pretty much habituated for this site would certainly love this site. As the website has expanded its service with videos, it has now focused on live clips, behind-the-scenes contest and many more.


If you recall the history of Metacafe, then it’s existence is pretty old than YouTube itself. There’s still a lot of traffics coming to Metacafe and the site is well famous for lengthy videos. If you are looking for 24 hours long video, then this might be your catch. But the only problem with this site is, it might have the impression of pretty old videos on an infamous platform.


Vimeo is another giant website having almost billions of views per year. Besides, the site is pretty famous for not having annoying ads like YouTube. So, you can consider this as like YouTube but better. Additionally, Vimeo is promoting VOD content, while you can add a price tag to your videos. 

The only problem with this platform is you cannot upload multiple videos or an unlimited number of videos until and unless you’re a superstar and everything you post is sharable.

Video search engines other than YouTube

Well, I have talked about sites like YouTube without censorship and restrictions. But do you know about video search engines other than YouTube? Well, here’s the quick list.

  1. ZippCast
  2. Google Video
  3. Vevo
  4. Twitch
  5. Xbox Video
  6. Revver
  7. YouChew
  9. Megavideo
  10. Netflix
  11. Newgrounds
  12. Crackle
  13. ScrewAttack.com
  14. Livestream.com
  15. Veoh
  16. Vine
  17. TeacherTube
  18. Funny or Die
  19. Internet Archive
  20. KissCartoon.me
  21. Break.com
  22. TubeRepeat
  23. Bing Videos
  24. Cinemassacre
  25. VidFlick
  26. KissAnime
  27. Tune.pk
  28. YouNow
  29. Turbotubevideos
  30. Power Video Tube
  31. Wenoo
  32. Normal Boots
  33. YourUpload
  34. WatchMojo.com
  35. Upload Society
  36. Vid.me
  37. BitVid
  38. Facebook
  39. Subbable
  40. Vuclip
  41. Gullutube
  42. World Star Hip Hop
  43. MyVideo.ge
  44. Clipsnow.com
  45. The Top Tens
  46. Tudou
  47. SoundCloud
  48. LiveVideo
  49. GodTube
  50. MPlayerX
  51. Trilulilu
  52. Rutube
  53. Megashare
  54. StreetFire.net
  55. VideoRulz
  56. Perform-ers
  57. Anyvideos
  58. VidLil.com
  59. Youku
  60. Gozie
  61. Vvube.com
  62. VidBit
  63. Viddler
  64. Vidme
  65. WeSplash
  66. Anime Fuel.com
  67. Reh Dogg Videos
  68. GospelTube
  69. Izlesene
  70. 9anime.to
  71. Playit.pk
  72. Video Style
  73. Moonvid.com
  74. Moviepilot
  75. YoumexVideo
  76. Mimuz
  77. VStream
  78. VidBit.co
  79. blogTV
  80. VidiCast
  81. ACG-tube
  82. Trutube.tv
  83. ABC News
  84. eBaumsWorld
  85. Hitbox
  86. VidiLife
  87. PseudoTube
  88. VidoEvo
  89. Aparat
  90. SnagFilms
  91. The Web Tube
  92. Cardboard Box TV
  93. FC2
  94. CreatorsCast
  95. WineVidz
  96. Mediagoblin
  97. Videscape
  98. Vtubez.com
  99. Dramafever.com
  100. ListeninRepeat
  101. Instagram
  102. Socialvid.TV
  103. Sytecee
  104. Africa TV
  105. CrapTV
  106. Cincopa
  107. Ishare.Refiff.com
  108. Vessel.com
  109. Vidyes.com

At Last

Video has been essential in the present era. We’re not the critics to analyze the Da Vinci pictures and get something out of it. Whereas, videos speak itself in clearer ways. We have YouTube which has billions of content and huge mass. However, there’s site like YouTube without censorship as well. Besides, there are tons of video search engines other than YouTube. Now, it’s your sole choice, where to look at.

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