10-Day SEO Training in Nepal

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In-House SEO Training in Nepal

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being one of the best cost-effective marketing solutions in 2017, it’s of utmost importance that every entrepreneurs and growing businesses in 2018 must have a sound knowledge of it. Having trained hundreds of students, entrepreneurs and business owners until today, we provide next-level SEO Training in Nepal that give results.

SEO specialist in Nepal; Anish Sah, Bijay Ghimire and Rajan Shilpakar with years of experience in digital marketing arena believe in delivering value, and will help you get the lowest hanging fruits by showing you the right direction.

Elance_SEO Training in Nepal

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10-Day SEO Training in Nepal - Course Layout

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Day 1: Learning the essentials of SEO

On the first day of SEO training in Nepal, we’ll be SEO Training in Nepalsharing astonishing facts about digital marketing that makes it one of the best marketing tools till date. We’ll also be highlighting some really impressive stats about SEO that’ll help you keep motivated throughout the process.

A good understanding of what a search engine is, how they work, crawling, indexing, on-page & off-page SEO will be given on the first day.

And for everyone who’s willing to make some really good side income, we’ll also be revealing real income stats of how our trainers are earning money though SEO.

After having an overall idea of what SEO is, and why it’s important, we’ll actually make our hands dirty with a practical session. We will conduct a “Niche Research” and determine what makes a Niche profitable.

Day 2: Setting up a Google Friendly BlogSpot Blog

Blogspot Creation (SEO training in Nepal)Once we’ve decided a profitable niche to blog about, we’ll set-up a beautiful BlogSpot blog and make it search engine friendly in 10 steps.

While setting up the blog, you’ll be given a good understanding about robot.txt, sitemap, Google Search Console, Google analytics and they are important from SEO perspective. We’ll also guide you to set up all these in your new blog.

Once your “Google-friendly” blog is ready, we’ll move-on to the next phase which is “Keyword Research”. We will help you find profitable keywords that if used can bring rankings in no time.

Day 3: Topic Research & Content Writing

Brand Awareness Services - Content Writing Services

Once a set of profitable keywords is researched, we’ll then teach you how to craft an “SEO Friendly Title” by following 5 proven rules. You’ll also get to learn about search volume, CPC and competition research.

Once an SEO title is ready, we will then teach you how to write article on that topic. Content writing can be a challenging task for most of the beginners specially, but we will try to make it as simple as possible for you. We will also be talking about a few awesome content writing tools that can actually surprise you. We will also give you free access to one of the most popular content writing software that costs $49/month.

Note: The use of content writing software is not motivated, but we’ll teach you some awesome tips on how you can make use of it in a legitimate way. We’ll also show you how you can make legit money by using this software.

Day 4: Posting your first article on BlogSpot

Brand Awareness Services - Guest Posting ServicesPosting an article on BlogSpot might look easy for a lot of BlogSpot users out there, but there’s a “right way” of doing so. Following the right way that we teach can help you rank your new article on major search engines without a lot of work on promotion (link building).

We will highlight the most important on-page SEO factors that can greatly affect an article’s ranking on search engines.

You’ll also get to learn to create high quality custom images (copyright free) for your blog without the need of complex software like Photoshop.

Day 5: Using Social Media to drive insane traffic to your blog

social media marketingOnce you have your first incredible article live on your blog, the next phase is to start promoting it to get a lot of eyeballs to your blog. On that concern, we’ll be talking in detail about 3 major social media platforms from where massive traffic can be attracted.

You’ll learn how to optimize your social media profiles, like Facebook page optimization, (Social Media Optimization, SMO) to drive maximum conversions.

Day 6 & 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

Day 6 and 7: Link Building (Where the real money lies)

Link buildingBacklinks being one of the most important ranking factors, it’s very important that every website owner should know about it in 2018. While there are several contradictory link building methods on the web, we show you the right way for building links.

Other than talking about the meaning of link building and their types, we will also teach you how to build top notch backlinks in the practical sessions.

These are the exact same methods we are delivering link building services to our clients and building links to our own blogs too. These methods are tested and proven to bring results.

We’ll also show you real life examples of people earning thousands of dollars per day by building links.

Day 8: Monetizing your blog for Highest Profit

How-to-monetise-your-blogHere begins the most interesting part. Once you have a blog with a good number of visitors daily, you’ll need a full proof plan to monetize it for maximized profits.

We’ll show you the most efficient and the most legitimate ways of doing that. We will be talking about Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, Email marketing, banner ads, reselling, social media marketing and lots of similar monetization methods that you can easily implement. We can also help you with Google Adsense account problems.

Day 9: Hands on with Freelancing (make money online)

Make Money OnlineYes, freelancing is the best and an easy way to make money online in 2018. All those skills that you’ll be learning in the 10-Day SEO training in Nepal with us, is just enough to start your own freelancing business.

We will help you create accounts on the best freelancing websites where you’ll easily be able to create services, find clients and make hundreds of dollars in the first month after graduating from Elance Digital Media 10-Day SEO training in Nepal.

We’ll also help you get $5 immediately after signing in to one of the freelancing websites that we will be talking about.

Day 10: More ways to make money online + Certificate Distribution Program

Elance Digital Media TrainingWhile freelancing is the best way you can make good income online, we’ll also share additional ways to make money online. These are the same methods how our trainers and employees are making good side revenue by utilizing least time.

Yes, we reward our students with a shiny course completion certificate. Motivational speech by SEO specialist in Nepal: Anish Sah (CEO & Founder), Bijay Ghimire (Co-founder) and Rajan Shilpakar (Co-founder) will be delivered to encourage you to keep on moving in the direction we showed you.

Why Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Must Know About SEO?

According to a report published by MarketDrive, marketers see SEO as becoming more efficient, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of this group stating efficiency is increasing significantly.

Moreover, people make use of search engines to find information about a product, services or brand, and up to 59% of search engine users each month discovers a local business to satisfy a specific need.

With over 50% of total web traffic coming via search engines, SEO has become one of the most favored cost-effective marketing tool for a lot of entrepreneurs & business owners. The 10-Day SEO Training in Nepal that we provide is a good opportunity for all those entrepreneurs & business owners who are looking forward to taking their marketing efforts to a next-level.

Why CS/IT Students/Professionals Must Know About SEO?

In this era of digitalization, every web designing professionals should know about SEO. If you have a web designing, 90% of your clients will have a common question for you, “Will the website be SEO Optimized?”. In that situation, if you start scratching your head wondering what SEO is, you’re probably going to lose potential clients!

And if you’re just a CS/IT “student” right now, it’s obvious that you should start exploring the world of SEO, as this is the future of marketing.

The 10-Day SEO training in Nepal that we organize is a complete package also for all the CS/IT students and professionals to enhance their skills of building an SEO friendly website.

Why You Should Know About SEO if you want a genuine side-income?

While there are several other methods to make money online, making money through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands out in every way. The 10-Day SEO training in Nepal that Elance Digital Media organizes helps you to get all the necessary skills, tools and knowledge that’s important for you to start making potential income online.

And not only that, all the skills that Elance Digital Media provides in this 10-Day SEO training is enough for you to start you own “online business”; no kidding!