Ignoring These SEO Strategies Could Come Back to Haunt You in 2018

by Anish Sah November 11, 2017

“Change is inevitable, Change for the better is a full-time job – Adlai E. Stevenson”.

That’s right, change is inevitable, and SEO trends seem to be very constant and precise about it. With the several transformations in SEO practices over the past years, it’s sure that SEO Strategies in 2018 will also change.

Despite walking hard on the right path, ignoring these SEO strategies in 2018 can hunt you back.

Well, I have already talked about most common SEO mistakes, and there are more SEO opportunities in 2018 that needs to take care of.

If you fail to follow, then your simply out of the competition. Well, it might sound terrifying and scary at first.

However, you will find it effortless if you stick with me till the end. So, without further delay, let’s dig into some of the best SEO Trends in 2018.

What are the SEO Strategies in 2018?

We are at the end of the year, and 2018 is not so far. No matter what happened in 2017, it’s time to say goodbye and concentrate more on the coming year. So, buckle your seat belt, because these SEO Strategies in 2018 is about to change your life.

#1 Tell Google About Your Content Through Schema Markup

When it comes to SEO, we all know Google is the king. If you succeed to impress Google, then your simply on the top. Well, this is one of the important SEO Strategies in 2018 that can outrank you if you miss it.

Knowing the Google objective is to serve the users with best and relevant content, Schema Markup simply gives Google a roadmap to your content.

Schema Markup organises data and information on your site, whereas it defines different things on your websites such as reviews, product information, business address, Q&A, events, articles and much more.

Using Schema Markup tells google exactly about your web content are about and hence helps to rank in search results.

If you wonder what it looks like, then here’s the perfect example of rich snippet or Schema Markup that I put one of my websites.


If you know coding, then you can use the famous JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data (JSON-LD) code.


If you don’t know coding, don’t worry, every coin has two sides. There’s a lot of plugins and application such as Schema App, and Hall Analysis available in the market which can save your day.

#2 Changes in HTTPS

Now, this might make you pause for a while, and you might check your website as well. While this SEO Trends in 2018 has been a necessity and it’s better to work on it right now. You might not have noticed, but the mighty Google has begun showing warnings on non-secure (HTTP) web pages. Quite shock right? When people see such warnings, then there’s a flash changes of users to go away from your website. Here’s what non-secure warning sign looks like.


Many assume that buying an SSL Certificate will assure and secure your webpage. But, that’s not the case, you have to do more than that, and that’s one of the SEO Strategies in 2018.

1. Changes in Database Pattern

All the database entries containing the pattern http:// have to be changed in https://

2. Hard-coded CSS/PHP http:// patterns

This may be hard as there may be hardcoded CSS and PHP code having strings as http://. These may be manually edited to https:// and upload back to the server for the site to function smoothly.

3. .htaccess mod-rewrite and 301

Since .htaccess file instructs handling the URL strings, you should make changes in .htaccess and placed the https:// instead of http://.

4. Server & WordPress Config, SSL Certificate

Simply go to your domain host and select the certificate that changes the IP address of your webpage. Make sure that server is properly configured for the necessary changes, modify settings in WordPress and install as SSL plugin.

5. Resource monitoring & Domain propagation

Correct the errors after making changes. Normally, it would take up to 48 hours for the domain to go live. Check the website resources such as images, links, and other links. Make sure it follows the https:// protocol.

Well, steps are pretty simple, but I can guarantee you that it’s not that easy. However, this is the latest SEO techniques 2018 that can save you from being out of the competition.

#3 Rethink Using Google +, Pinterest and Twitter

Another SEO Strategies in 2018 is to be more active on Google+. Sound strange, but you need to focus on everything that Google does.

The reason is, it’s one of the most popular social media platforms, and the survey done by American Customer Satisfaction Index also tells you so.


If you look at the table, there’s a significance change in Google+ from 2016 to 2017. Whereas, it’s pretty sure that it will rise in 2018 as well.

The good thing about Google+ is it creates unique URL which can show up in search results. If you create keyword-rich posts, then there are great chances to get in rank.

And that’s one of the many ways about how to get to the top of google without paying. Besides, there’s Twitter and other social media to look for.

Well, following these Top SEO Trends 2018, you can outrank your competitors very easily.

#4 The next big thing, Voice Search

If you want to succeed, then you have to follow above all steps. But wait, there are more SEO Opportunities in 2018.

As I have already mentioned about Voice Search in my last article, I will briefly explain why it is important and why it is Latest SEO Techniques 2018.

According to the giant Google, 20 percent searches come from the mobile app and Android devices.

If you count the personal assistants like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Siri, and Cortana, then the number might rise.


The graph might help you to understand the use of Google search even more. Now, here’s the SEO Tips and Techniques.

If you want to succeed in Voice search, then you have to be more precise in natural language.

You have to understand what the users type in the search box and what’s the user speak in voice search.

For instance, people might voice search for “Where is the best Pizza restaurant in Chicago?”, That might be tough. In the scenario, you have to choose your keyword as “best pizza restaurant in Chicago.”

#5 Go for Bing

Your right, Google is an ocean full of pearls, but you should never ignore lakes which can ease the human thirst.

According to a report from ComScore’s, Bing occupied 23 percent of the search market share.

Now that looks pretty good, and there’s more reason not to exclude Bing from your bucket list.

  • Comparatively, there’s less competition, and it’s quite easy to rank in Bing.
  • You can see the ranking result faster and quicker.
  • Bing is more transparent about how they rank the Moreover, you will also know what to do for a good rank.
  • If you have a business, then go for Bing, it’s quite easy to get more local visibility.
  • Bing is simple and easy to use

What are the SEO opportunities in 2018?

So far, you have known the possible SEO strategies in 2018, but if you want to be the best, there’s always more to thirst for. Here are the some of the SEO opportunities in 2018, that you can adopt to outrank your competitors.

#1 Link Building

Since, Link Building is the evergreen, leaving the Link Building can hunt you more than the real ghost. Link building is another SEO opportunities in 2018 that you want to focus more on.

While there are several link building techniques, SEO resource page link building can be a good one.

The more quality link, the more you rank better.

#2 Concentrate on Mobile

Since, the mobile users have increased in high numbers, focusing more on mobile is the new SEO opportunities in 2018.

According to new research, Google is already experimenting with mobile indexing. So, if you don’t concentrate on mobile now which is the new SEO Strategies in 2018, the chances are high that you will be out of the competition soon.

#3 Progressive Web Apps is extensive SEO Opportunities in 2018

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs’) is another Google initiative to make mobile web faster and better.

PWAs’ tends to combine all the best features of mobile web and apps, leaving no flaws behind. Well, these new SEO opportunities in 2018 is ten times faster and lighter than an ordinary mobile app.

The use of PWAs’ have fantastic impact followed by good engagement and conversion rates.

This is the new big thing, and top SEO trends 2018. The competition is low at the moment, so what are you waiting for, start right now!

#4 SEO Content Writing

Despite all the above SEO Opportunities in 2018, you still can’t ignore the proper way of writing content. The essence of SEO Content writing is to write rich keyword, friendly and SEO content.

Above all, SEO Content Writing is still the best SEO Trends in 2018.

#5 SEO Audit

Well, this is not necessary, but if you want to be on the top, you should know where you are heading and where you are heading.

Moreover, you should know what you are up against and where do you stand among them. So, before starting make sure that you have done the audit with the right company.

If you seek the recommendation, then our team at Elance Digital Media. can be a good option.

The reason that I’m recommending is that we know what we are doing. And they are quite reasonable as well.

At last

The competition will be tough, and you have to be competitive in every step.

These SEO tips and techniques will guide you, whereas you must follow SEO Strategies in 2018. Tell me more about this content, which strategies or opportunities you like the most.

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