SEO Content Writing To Earn Backlinks And Rank #1 on Google [ Definitive Guide ]

by Anish Sah October 29, 2017
SEO Content Writing

Just like everyone, you are working hard to produce great content for your audience. You tend to do everything; however, the progress is slow and you are growing steadily. Despite of getting your product or service all over the internet, no one buy your stuff. So, where did you fall behind? The answer to your all problems and significant change in your output is SEO Content Writing and Engaging Content.

If you’re relatively new in the world of SEO Content Writing, you might get lost for a while. However, I assure you, you will find a way along with this article. Though, I am not an expert, specially not for you, but I am an expert for myself. And I have a proven stat, strategies and some methods to share with you guys. Writing SEO Contents is also one of the best ways you can get to the top of Google for free.

In this article, we will be discussing about how to write Engaging Content that converts amazingly. But before we dig in further, here are the few things we will be discussing about.

  1. What is SEO Content Writing?
  2. How to write SEO Content?
  3. Should we go to the SEO Content Writing Services?
  4. How about Content Writing Software?

I will try to be very precise with every topic here. However, if I fail to amuse you, feel free to write your queries in the comment section or contact me personally. It would be an honour to serve my readers, and I might come up with your queries in another post.

What is SEO Content Writing?

For the understanding of the terms “SEO Content Writing”, it’s better to break down the phrase and inspect every element separately:

“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which generally means the process of optimising a website so that it can reach to the people easily through the help of various search engines like google, bing, and yahoo.

“Content” is basically the information that we put in the web and which can be consumed on the web.

“Writing” refers to the methods, tips, tricks and strategies followed for better SEO or for better ranking in search engines.

Summing up all,

SEO Content Writing is the concept or methods followed in order to get huge traffic to your blog or website. In the marketing world, it is the key to success and most essentials element to increase your sales or product services.

Well, I’m not going to elaborate the whole SEO here, as it is very huge and we can write a whole book on it. By the way, I’ve written a complete eBook on it. But for this article, I will give you brief introduction about things you need to know in order to SEO your web content.

Keyword Research

The first and crucial things to “How to write SEO Content” is keyword research. We are dealing with search engines here, and all the search engines like Google rank your website or blogs via keyword. If you want to generate huge traffic through search engines, then you must do proper keyword research. Select them, know their search volumes and give the information to the users which they are already searching for. If you don’t know what is a keyword then here’s an example, French fries or Wrist Watch.

Keyword Optimisation

After a deep Keyword Research, you should have knowledge how to optimise your keyword in your website.

Content Organisation

It’s pretty obvious that the well managed and organised office or company tends to make more profit rather than unorganised office. The things are similar, instead of company, you have your content to take care of. Note that, you need to produce engaging content and that needs to be organised in a logical way. You can follow Content writing tips, which I will be discussing here itself. Whereas, the organised content is not only good for SEO but also for your visitors who can find every single piece of articles without any difficulty.

Content Promotion

The next big thing after the proper SEO Content Writing is increase the visibility of your content or content promotion. There’s a various way of content promotion. Sharing you content on social networks is necessary and easy as well. However, you can largely get benefited from Backlinks (building link internally and externally), which is another important tool of content promotion.

Words of wisdom

Before you proceed further, here’s a quick word of wisdom. If your sole intention is to get traffic from only search engines, then you might suffer badly. In order to please all the search engines and your potential customers, you need to stand beyond search engine optimisation. You need to provide rich and high-quality articles. Just drop the concept of thin content which might get ranked fast but does not create any value to the users. These kinds of content have higher risk of getting penalised from google. Whereas, the bounce rate and low conversion rate are also higher.

So, come along with valuable information, research on your keyword and bang your website with engaging content. Before, discussing about how to write SEO Content, let’s know about…

Types of SEO content

Product Pages

E-commerce websites are the perfect example of Product pages. A nicely organised product page can serve both SEO content and a PPC landing Page.

Blog Posts

A blog post is one of the easiest ways to create regular stream of SEO content. Blog Posts are generally engaging and is more likely to attract links than product page. The use of blog post build authority to your site which on the other hand helps in the search engines ranking.


News article, interview of the personnel, or feature article are another type of SEO content. These types of articles are found mainly in newspaper or news portal or magazine-style websites.


Alike others, List is also a piece of articles but presented in a way more organized way. People sometime hesitate to look for long articles while they are more interested in list articles. “10 Things about Leonardo DiCaprio” or “100 Tips to Earn Money from Internet” can be the list articles. List articles are more likely to be clickable and can be found amusing when presented in social networks.


Guides are generally long piece of articles that explains in depth about how to do something. Guides or guidelines can be broken into multiple web pages. However, it is the best practice to allow users to see all the content in the single page.


Videos can be competitive SEO content on certain keywords. Video content are more likely to get ranked fast than text articles. Whereas, it is the great method to attract huge audience.


Infographics are large format images containing lots of data in the form of graphs and chart in the single subject. The use of infographics can ease you in search engine rankings. However, you should be very well aware and carefully optimise the rest of the pages.


Slideshow is another type of SEO content where one can display a series of related images with little text on it. If I were you, I would use slideshows for list contents. However, the SEO part is still the same, you have optimised your SEO title, captions, image files and so on.


If you are working on specialised industry, a well-built glossary can be a good way to drive some search traffic. Cooking terms, medical terms, fashion terms etc are some of the example of glossaries


If you have website related to anything, I advise you to list your website on directories. A directory is a useful taxonomy of links to sites or resources surrounded by similar topic. For instance, a bakery blog might create a directory of places to buy bakery items, from major bakery stores to independent shops around the country.

Well, these are some of the types of SEO content, but it’s totally upon you what to follow and how to follow. Besides, you can always mix things up and create new things. My friend, virtual world is great and possibilities are endless.

How to Write SEO Content?

If your still with me, by now you know what is SEO Content Writing and types of SEO content and a small note about the thin content. So, How to Write SEO Content?

Writing proper SEO content are engaging content is not that hard. You just have to be precise and think the way users think. You need to know what would be one single individual assumption after landing on your page? Just place yourself instead of users and think, did you find your queries in the content? If yes, you’re going right, if not here’s the thing you might overlooked.

Play with Emotions

Well, the term can be understood wrongly, however, my intentions are right and positive. I used the word “Emotion” as it is the human part and it is the key to connect with someone. After all, we do have certain kind of emotions to people or things.

Now, you just need to trigger that but remember to do it in a positive way. Your motive must be to encourage people and fulfil their quest through your engaging content. You should know the general emotions of the people. There’s 7 billion people on earth and numerous emotions to act on. So, you need to find the right, positive and encouraging emotions.

For instance, Self-improvement, people generally copy higher people, they have their own idol and want to be like them. If you engaging content is all about self-improvement, then “10 ways how you can look like Bill Gates” can be awesome topic. Well, that was absurd, how about “10 things you can do as a traveler” pretty close huh? In the same manner, you can concentrate on people fear or an opportunity. For example, “How I earned $500 in a month”.

Create Urgency

Now limitation on time or availability and great opportunities for a short time can also drive insane traffic to your blog.

I personally implement some of these strategies to my website and have excellent results. It’s the perfect thing if you are more into marketing, online ads and advertisements.

For example, if you are trying to sale your product, then try to make things free or heavy discount for first 100 people. Now, you know what I am talking about. Some of the interesting may be as follow:

“Awesome credit card wallet, 50% off for first 50”

“Stop Making these 12 Email Marketing Mistakes Now”

“Free 5 Hidden Facebook Strategies to Drive Insane Traffic to Your Blog, Today”

Don’t go outside the Relevancy

Your website is about Health and your content is about top 2017 movies. Now, that might not create relevancy and your audience might not enjoy the piece. Now think real, your customer is your asset, your role is to satisfy every user that comes to your blog and sort their problems out. Non-relevancy content effects your ranking while it can rip you out.

Discover your audience

Now, this is a gem. Since, we are all here to serve our respective audience, its better to know them a bit closer. This is one of the essential content writing tips, the more you know them better, the greater chance to get succeed. But how to know them better, here are the basic elements that you can start to dig in.

  • Audience demographics
  • Where they usually hang out
  • What are their needs
  • What their values are
  • What makes the happy, sad or emotional, or frustrated.

There can be more, you just need to think how they think. It’s not that hard, you’re into one business doesn’t mean you don’t have to look for other things. If you need something, you usually end up searching on the internet, right? Now you know what to look for, but where to look at? Try to use the following methods:

  • Try to look into forums related to your niche
  • Search the relevant keywords in Quora, Yahoo answers and Social Media
  • Go for a survey and invite visitors to your website
  • Study the blogs, magazines and things they read
  • Well, the last one is hard, but try to meet them or correspond with them in their real life by creating events, seminar or you can go for webinar as well.

Increase the clarity and reduce distraction

The rich and fine articles should be clear and distraction free. In other words, simply give them what they want. You know what they want right, if they are looking for Pizza, just give them a Pizza, don’t fool them with the whole menu. That might create distraction and you might not sale your pizza as well. Just follow the below Content writing tips for beginners:

  • Introduce your topic clearly and clearly define user problems along with assurance.
  • Make them believe that reading your content can solve their problems.
  • Write short description or brief content about the whole content
  • Write short Paragraphs, chunk words can bore the readers.
  • Try to write things in very simple language. Not all the users are graduated from Oxford.
  • Try to make engaging content with the use of word “I”. Now, that might help in communication with the users. And at last,
  • Write conclusion about your article.


Be Trustworthy

Now, this is the big thing, you should be really careful with your words throughout the content. Just don’t bluff with the readers, show them your stats, show them your solid evidence, show them how good your product or service is and every word in your content is pretty true.

Try to add another voice or person, remember celebrities asking you to try this and that product? Well, you might fall for it, but it’s no more than famous marketing strategies. Besides, include your existing customer testimonials, interview, and product reviews. Besides, satisfy them to buy your services and honestly talk about refunding and any other compensation mediums.

End it with the right call

If you haven’t slept and haven’t gone away till now, thank you for patience. We are nearly at the end of it. But before closing any content, make it the right call. After all the engaging things in your content, there’s a very good chance that the users might check your other content as well. So, make it good and end it nice.

For instance:

“For more on (Your web subject), Check out my new comprehensive ebook”

“Start receiving weekly dose from our dedicated and highly professional experts. Sign up for our RSS feed today!”

Should we go to the SEO Content Writing Services?

After all the things that I have listed here, it’s your sole decision to go for SEO Content Writing Services or not. You can write as yourself but, not everyone is as free as I am. There’s list of companies or individual that provide good SEO Content Writing Services. While Elance Digital Media can be best option. I have personally known them and I have seen their work and there’s not much you can ask for with affordable fees with them.

How about Content Writing Software?

There’s tons of Content writing software available in the market. Some are free, while some are paid. The free version of the software is totally rubbish and the paid one is way more expensive than hiring a content writer. Though the Unique Content Generator produce unique content, but that might not be the things you like to go. They are good, but nothing can be compared or beat the human minds. You know right what I am trying to suggest?

What’s Next?

SEO Content Writing is all about patience, hard work and dedication. You are dealing with your product or services, while many lives are related with it. It would be fool to compromise on engaging SEO Content. Hope the Website Content Writing Guidelines clear your quest. So, are you ready to make the changes? Let me know when did you start and how it went in the comment section. Feel free for any queries related to SEO Content Writing!!!

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