How To Make Money Writing A Book: Be A Self-Publishing Superstar

by Anish Sah April 23, 2018
make money writing a book

To go from a writer to a published author through a traditional publishing channel is really difficult. Every book that does get picked up by these fastidious publishers becomes a cherished success story.

Even if your book does get published, a very small percentage of these books actually turn a profit. Which means writing a book is not the best way to make money, right?


Thanks to the internet, which has disrupted the publishing industry. There are many digital platforms available for writers who want to make a living by writing books and don’t want to be reduced to the ‘struggling artist’ stereotype.

Today, if you are a writer, you can make a full-time income doing what you love.

That much is now clear, but exactly how to make money writing a book is the question.

If you want to know where to get started with writing an e-book, publishing it and selling it online, you will find this article helpful.

How To Make Money Writing A Book: Self-Publish

More and more competent writers are now going the self-publishing route with their books. That means that self-publishing doesn’t anymore give an impression that you are not a good enough writer.

When you self-publish, you don’t after all your hard work have to worry about whether or not your book will ever see the light of day, so to speak. Self-publishing takes the middleman—publishing houses and their red tape—out of the equation, and you have complete control over the process of making money writing a book.

How to make money writing a book? The answer is simple: e-books.

E-books are books in electronic format that can be downloaded online by your readers. You can certainly make money writing e-books for Kindleand mobile e-book readers.

The best thing about writing a book in e-book format is the operational ease—from inventory and storage to shipping and delivery, you don’t have to worry about any of it. That makes it a suitable format for your books especially if you are self-publishing.

Why? While self-publishing provides you with the creative freedom to go in whichever direction you like with your book, it also means that managing every step from start to end, from writing a book to delivering it falls on you. With operational costs out of the way, you can direct all your resources on writing and marketing your book.

How much do self-published authors make on Amazon?

There are many successful self-published authors who share their experience regarding how to make millions writing a book.Among the best examples is Mark Edwardswho was rejected by numerous publishers but later went on to make millionswith his thrillers.

Other self-publishing success stories include Amanda Hocking, a bestselling paranormal fiction writer; Ashwin Sanghi, the author of bestselling novel The Rozabal line; Joseph Malik, the author of Dragon’s Trail that’s on the best-seller lists; and many more.

All of these are authors who were rejected by traditional publishers and launched their own writing careers by self-publishing. Also, who can forget E. L. James, the 50 shades trilogy author?

WhereTo Sell 

Amazon Self-Publishing

There are several platforms you can use to self-publish your book, but Amazon Self-Publishing is the most popular one.

Amazon Self-publishingThe benefit of publishing with Amazon is everyone who buys a book via Amazon is a potential customer for you. That means you can make use of the large target audience that Amazon has.

It’s perfect for research too. Want to know what kinds of books sell? You can find out what the top-selling books and genres are and that’s the groundwork for you to not just writing a book, but writing a book that’ll sell.

You’ll not get the full revenue that you make from sales; Amazon self-publishing royaltiesgo up to 70 percent for every book that you sell.But for the ready market Amazon provides, it’s money well spent.

Your Site Is Your Shop

Setting up your own website is a great way to make money writing a book. On your website, you can put out a few chapters to hook your readers in. Just add a cart or a PayPal link. When readers order your book, they’ll get a download link, and that’s how simple it is to sell your e-books.

Another advantage of selling your books on your own site is that you can control the entire process yourself, from finding customer information to promoting additional products.

Also, you don’t have to pay any third party site for selling your products. Each and every penny you make is yours to keep.

Writing A Book To Self-Publish

We have established that self-publishing is the best answer to how to make money writing a book, and that’s regardless of what platform you use to sell it. But how do you go about self-publishing your book?

You don’t have to be a professional writer to self-publish a book. But for your work to sell, you have to write something to which readers can commit their time. There are various ways you can pick from to come up with an excellent e-book that has the capacity to make you a self-publishing superstar.

Write A Book From Scratch

You can yourself write a book from start to finish. First, figure out what genre you want to focus on. Some categories that do well in e-book format are self-help, travel, how-to manuals, mystery, romance, fitness, science fiction and technology; there are plenty others too. Pick a genre that you would be good at so that you don’t struggle coming up with your next sentence or your next book.

If you are writing a book from scratch, be sure to set a routine so you can finish the book. Make it a habit to write regularly.

Your Blog Is Your Book

Go through your blog posts to see if you have already got material for a book there. If you are an avid blogger, you most probably will. If your blog posts follow a similar theme, with a little editing, they can probably be turned into an e-book.

Repurpose A Book In The Public Domain

There are always plenty of good books with expired copyright. With a little bit of work, these books in the public domain could be your next bestseller. You can repurpose these books, update them or publish them as is. 

Get A Ghostwriter

It’s simple. You have the resources and the reach to market a book but are not a skilled writer yourself? Get someone to write a book for you. If you browse through service selling sites such as Fiverr, you’ll find people willing to write a book that you can stick your name on and sell as yours.

Promote Your E-Book

The freedom that self-publishing brings comes with the added responsibility of having to market your products yourself.

You might have written a great book, but if you can’t find readers for it, your book is just going to sit there in the figurative shelf collecting dust. Once you have written your book, you need to stop thinking as a writer and start thinking as an entrepreneur. Use every avenue you have access to to grab readers’ attention.

Social Media Platforms

Be active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblrand promote your books on these digital platforms. Let your followers know that you are working on a book, post updates on the progress, and once your book is published, post a link to your website or Amazon’s site for more information.

Get The Readers Interested

Post the first few chapters of your book on your blog and leave them wanting more.

Or offer a free chapter of your book on Amazon to get your readers interested.

Discuss your book’s subject on forums where potential readers hang out. Establish yourself as an authority on the topic.

Get friends, colleagues, mentors and experts in your niche to endorse your book and hype it up. Positive reviews go a really long way in converting readers into buyers.

Final Thoughts

I hope you will find thispost on how to make money writing a bookuseful. The key to making money online, like with everything else is to get started.

Decide what you want to write about and write a compelling, engaging book. Pick the platform that you want to sell your book on and market it to potential readers. Find out what the value of your book is and price it right.

If you are just learning how to make money writing a book, the one piece of advice I can give you is focus on building a readership as much as you do on writing a book, if not more. Bear in mind some mistakes you need to avoid at all coststo successfully make money writing a book.

However, if a book seems too overwhelming and you want to ease your way into writing one, there are other ways to make money writing, such as by writing blogs, short stories, ad copies, and so on.

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