10 Secret LinkedIn Background Photo Tips to Engage Your Audience

by Anish Sah January 06, 2018
linkedin background photo tips

So, you’re here for LinkedIn Background Photo Tips! Well, this is the world of social networking. Whether you take this thing seriously or not, but your social profile tells a lot of things about you. Besides, Linkedin has always been favorite of a mass recruiter.

Linkedin is a prominent and leading social networking platform which can help you to find your dream job. Well, you might have a noticeable resume, but the first thing any recruiter will notice is your profile photo. And, if you fail to impress them by your photo, then there’s a mere chance that they will go on your resume.

So, how do you keep the right LinkedIn background photo? Don’t worry, just stay with me, this article is all about Linkedin background photo tips.

LinkedIn Background Photo Tips & Ideas

The photo is a photo, it simply represents you, then why so much effort into it? Well, that’s the legit question, however, the reports from Adweek states that 94% of the world recruiters screen their candidates through the LinkedIn profile. Wait, it’s not over, another research declared that having a LinkedIn background photo increase the chance of viewing your profile by 14 times.

So, are you ready to go for fantastic background photo for LinkedIn tips? Let’s dig in then.

Tip #1: Hire a Professional Photographer

The best way to have eccentric Linkedin background photo is to hire a professional photographer. Well, this might be the costliest method to upload a right image to Linkedin. You can escape this Linkedin Background photo tips if you’re low on budget. But here’s a catch, nowadays everyone who owns a DSLR camera think themselves as a great photographer. And, if you look at our friend circle, there must be at least one guy with the professional camera. You can ask them for a favour.

If that does not help, the below Linkedin background photo tips will ease your pain.

linkedin background photo tips

Tip#2: Photo That Looks Like You

Now, this tips might sound absurd, but I’m damn serious about this tips. Have you ever face the situation, where you see someone photo and then you meet them in person and their completely different (better or worse)? If yes, then you must have a pretty confuse perception about them or even have a quite doubt about their credibility.

So, make sure you upload and keep changing the picture regularly. Just don’t keep your 5 years old picture and never update it. That’s not nice, just reflects yourself on a daily basis and update your Linkedin background photo after you have a haircut or you go for some latest fashion.

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #3: Your Face Should Cover 60% of the Frame

Since you have omitted the idea of hiring a professional photographer, here’s a quick tip for LinkedIn background photo. Your face should cover 60% of the frame. Even if your hiring photographer, let them know that your face is important and a distant photo won’t work. If your still not sure how to do that, then just crop the picture from the top of your shoulders.

Here are a perfect Linkedin background photo examples for your ready reference. Look how bright is his smile.

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #4: Adequate use of Lights

Whether you go for a professional photographer or not, there must be the presence of adequate lights on your Linkedin background photo. Have you noticed, why every photo works have great lightning tools? Well, that’s because good lightning takes a photo from mediocre to great. When there’s a proper use of lightning on your photo, then there’s a mere chance that you look ugly.

If you are worried about the lightning tools, then don’t be. You can use the bright place for your Linkedin background photo. Besides, you can always use your smartphone torchlight. Now, that’s smart Linkedin background photo tips, right?

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #5: Right Expression

If you want to impress someone then the smile is the key or let’s say right expression is the move. Just think, what if your recruiter thinks looking at your depressed or sad picture? Does it impress the recruiter? I guess no.

Well, you don’t have to wear fancy clothes, goofy boots or act scary giving your expression. You just need to act normal or natural. Just go with a natural smile, that way you can think of suitable starter of the conversation.

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #6: Dress the best

Now, this is the best background photo for LinkedIn tips, never ever go for something unusual when it comes to dressing. Just like people notice your shoes, recruiter goes for your dress. Since this is not a Facebook, you can drop the idea of posing with a pajama on. Just wear the clothes that best match the dressiness at your office.

Well, this might not work for every professionalism, people working on the beach as Baywatch can show some tan. But if you genuinely work for companies, then go for a nice and tidy dress. Well, that doesn’t mean you have to go for a suit. A well-ironed shirt might work.

Here’s an example of the perfect LinkedIn background image. See, you don’t have to wear a suit, well he did at last, but look at his expression. From nice guy to serious guy to the perfect model, he simply nailed it.

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #7: Adjust yourself, be Calm

Well, with the above image, I don’t have to write much about this. Just be yourself while clicking the photo. Don’t be nervous, a professional camera won’t bite you. Just represent who you are. The more you calm yourself, the more you have a chance for the right picture.

Besides, don’t go for various poses unless you’re a professional model. Now, look at them, simple yet powerful pose.

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #8: Choose the suitable background

Well, pictures look great when it’s outdoor. I strongly agree with that statement. Even I would like to go for outdoor when it comes to posting on social media, but I always ignore it on Linkedin. The utmost reason it, I have to make it professional. So, I always prefer to go for some light color for my background.

Look at the below and above images, how suitable is their background?

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #9: No Selfies

I stated various Linkedin background photo tips and you end up putting selfies? Well, that’s not going to work, if you want to go for big companies. As per the report, the recruiter has some allergies to selfies. Let, your selfies be on Instagram and Facebook but go professional on Linkedin.

linkedin background photo tips

Tip #10: No Facebook Post

Just like no selfies, don’t connect your Facebook and Linkedin together. Facebook is important for several things, but when it comes to profession, be choosy. Well, you don’t want your recruiter to see someone tagging on stupid or funny memes. Well, that’s nothing to do with professional career, but sometime, it might mess things up.

LinkedIn Background Photo Size

Well, you now know Linkedin background photo tips but what about the size? Are you serious, I’m not taking a picture for filling up Electronic Diversity Visa? Why size? Calm down, your question is as legit as the earth is round. But there’s a special requirement of Linkedin background photo size.

There are not many long requirements, it’s simple. According to Linkedin report, you need to set your image format in JPG, PNG, or GIF. Likewise, Linkedin background photo size is 1400 x 425 pixels. Is it simple right?

Here’s the perfect background image for LinkedIn.

linkedin background photo tips

LinkedIn Background Photo Template

Now, you know the tips and photo size. You are almost end to this article but there’s more. What about the Linkedin background photo template? You may not know but there is very cool template already available in the internet to post it on linkedin. Even you can have access to numerous Linkedin background photo template from your linkedin profile.

Just look at the image below that I extracted from the Linkedin report and you will know how to have your free photo template. However, there’s a small problem. You must have a premium LinkedIn profile to get access.

linkedin background photo tips

Well, if you don’t have a premium account, then that might be a problem for you. But don’t worry, I got your back. There’s tons of site which provide free Linkedin background photo templates.

Here’s the quick list for your quick reference.

LinkedIn Background Image Generator

It’s very easy to create a LinkedIn background image. If you don’t know how to create one, then you can always go for online tools.

Here’s a quick list of Linkedin background image generator.

  • Canva: Apart from cool template collection, Canva is a good tool for Linkedin background image generator.
  • Designhill: Designhill is another perfect platform to generate a background image for Linkedin.
  • Adobe Spark: Well, this is similar to Canva. The site has a huge list of photo template and it is another famous tool for image generator.

LinkedIn Background Photo Tips Examples

Well, the above article is all about having fantastic LinkedIn background image. If the above article is still not clear, then here are a LinkedIn background photo examples.

Here’s a spectacular profile of Kate Chan, Senior Product Manager at Acme Co.

linkedin background photo tips

Not impressed? Here’s Robert Rose, Content Marketing Strategist from Author & Speaker. The background image looks impressive.

linkedin background photo tips

Look at her smile, Katherine Moon, Editorial Intern at The Muse, Student at Columbia University. Katherine future looks as bright as her background image.

linkedin background photo tips

Here’s the final one, Jay Baer, New York Times best-selling author, global keynote speaker, and digital entrepreneur. Well, he’s right, Content is Fire and Social Media is Gasoline.

linkedin background photo tips

Well, that’s it, I guess you now know how to have spectacular LinkedIn background photo. Hope, these LinkedIn background photo tips help you well. If you have any question regarding this article, let me know in the comment section or contact me through my page.

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