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If you’re trying to find really profitable high volume long tail keywords, the Keyword Researcher Software can find you gems. In this review of keyword researcher software, I will prove it!

Keyword Researcher Overview

Keyword Researcher Full Review

Well, Google already has its own keyword research tool since many years. It’s free and directly from Google, and it must be right. So, what’s the point in trying out a new keyword research tool?

While going through the stats of my own website and trying to know what people type in to find my site, I found keywords that either had no searches or doesn’t appear in the GKT. This clearly pointed that Google deliberately avoids giving long tail keywords.

But why?

Because Google has designed this tool for Google AdWords advertisers. Had Google given access to long tail keywords easily, bidding on those keywords would have less competition. Less competition results to low bids. Google would make very little money!

Example: bidding on the term “heart attack symptoms in men under 40” is cheaper than “heart attack”. Makes sense right?

But there’s a loophole! And it’s called the Google Suggest. Here you get suggestions for long tail keywords by typing a keyword on the google search box.

Now that you already know where to find long tails keywords, why would I bother writing further, right?

Well, let me ask you a question.

How much time would it take to collect a bunch of long tails keywords using Google Suggest? Well, my experience says it will take you days to weeks, and still you will be missing out some gems.


This is where the Keyword Researcher Tool comes into picture that automates the full process. And it takes literally minutes to get a whole bunch of long tails keywords on your niche. In fact, my desktop cluttered with spreadsheets of long tail keywords only after a few minutes of use.

Of course, if you’re looking for something that gives you CPC and search volume, then probably this isn’t the one for you. However, if Google Suggest is making some suggestions to its users, it really must be hitting at least some searches, right?

Also, it’s not hard to get the CPC and search volume once you have the keywords with you. You can head over to the traditional Google Keyword Research Tool and paste your keywords and you’ll get the missing data.

What do I do with the Keyword Researcher Software?

Basically two important things, one: finding out new niches and two: growing my existing websites.

It’s easy to find profitable niche by using keyword researcher software. I usually use a keyword in combination with “*” character in between and the software does rest of the work for me. I get suggestions for long tail searches, and it let’s me know how broad that particular niche is.

Coupling the keyword researcher software with some other keyword tools (that gives CPC, keyword difficulty and search volume) lets me know the competitiveness of the niche.

Also, I use keyword researcher for enriching old contents on my websites. I through some keywords to the software, and I get the latest long tails keywords suggestions in seconds. It’s super fast, and super easy!

How awesome would it be to have a handful of long tails keywords with you in advance before writing the content, or even before starting a new blog.

I have used a couple of great keyword research tools, and as compared to its competition, keyword researcher is no brainer.

How do I use Keyword Researcher Software?

This is how I used keyword researcher to start a new SEO optimized blog:

Step 1:

First I headed over to the “Google Keyword Planner” and type in a few keywords there.

Keyword Researcher - step 1

Step 2:

Now I saved the CSV file to my hard drive and start a new project in keyword researcher.

Step 2: Keyword Researcher


Step 3: Keyword Researcher

Step 3:

Then I just dragged the CVS file to the “Import box”. With just one click, I filled up my project with lots of keywords.

Step 4: Keyword Researcher

Step 4:

I now sorted the keyword from high to low search volume.

Step 5: Keyword Researcher

Step 5:

Then I selected phrases that contains keywords related to my blog. From the list, I got good topic ideas to write about.

Step 6: Keyword Researcher

Step 6:

Then I headed over to the content management tab and added a new category to the project that I just created.

Step 7: Keyword Researcher

Step 7:

The new article will encompass keywords that I select. I dragged and drop into my article. The keywords have been associated with my new article and assigned to the “white list”.

Step 8: Keyword Researcher

Step 8:

Now, I can create SEO optimised content in the content panel using the keyword that I have selected.

Step 9: Keyword Researcher

Step 9:

After writing the content using the keywords I selected, I cross checked and pointed out which keywords I have missed to include in the content.

Step 10: Keyword Researcher

Step 10:

Then I exported the content to the WordPress backend using csv file. And that it! My content is now online.

This is exactly how you can rank for the most amounts of keywords in the least amount of work.

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