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by Anish Sah February 27, 2017
A Blue Print to Building Niche Blogs That Makes $500/Month” is locked A Blue Print to Building Niche Blogs That Makes $500/Month

After my post about “A Blue Print to Building Niche Blogs That Makes $500/Month, my inbox flooded with questions about writing SEO content. And most Importantly I got questions like,

  • How do I find engaging topics to write about?
  • Is there any specific tool to do topic research, or do I always to stress out my brain to think about something others like?
  • Is there any “step-by-step” method to creating an SEO blog Post?

So, I thought to create a post on my approach of topic research and writing SEO blog posts.

Okay, so let’s get started with the Topic Research First.

Engagement” is really important when it comes to ranking your webpage on Google; and for driving engagement, you must create content/blog post that is interesting and “not old” or is trending, or a content that will be liked by a huge audience. But how to do that?

Well, there are some cool tools to do that. One of my favourites is BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo is a great tool that I’m sure a lot of people out here with blogging background must be knowing. You can use it to do a lot of things, and one is researching engaging topics.

BuzzSumo offer 30 days free trail (with no credit card). If you already know about it, then well and good. But for them who aren’t familiar to this tool, I would suggest to try it out. It’s pretty awesome.

How BuzzSumo helps you with your Topic research?

For your entered keyword or niche, BuzzSumo shows you contents all over the web sorted in order of “Highest Shares Received“. Bingo!

There are other cool features on BuzzSumo, and “Trending Now” is another great feature. For them who has or want to start a news site, this feature is something you mustn’t miss out. You will never go out of topics. You’ll always have something new to post on your blog.

writing seo blogs posts - Earn with Anish

There are other tools that can help you with your keyword research. Some of my favourites are:

  • Majestic SEO (Free but very limited)
  • Ahref (Paid)
  • Moz (Lots of Free SEO tools without requirement of credit card)

Try them out and feel free to share your thoughts too

So, now that you know what to write about, another challenging work is writing contents that are loved by visitors, as well as the Big G.

To make this job easy and systematic, I’ve prepared a brief algorithm to creating an SEO blog post. Here, I assume you already have your keyword research done and will not talk about any keyword research techniques. I will do that most probably in my next post.


  1. Include “Primary Keyword” in the first 0-50 words of the article. Using primary keyword to start the first paragraph is a very good practise
  2. Anchor the primary keyword and place a link (do-follow) to the homepage of your blog.
  3. Do 1 and 2 two or three times throughout the article.
  4. Interlinking: Place a link(s) to other blog posts on your blog. Make sure you use “Primary Keyword” (as anchor text) of the blog post that you’re linking to.
  5. Don’t limit your interlinking between only 2 blog posts.
  6. Add relevant images and edit the alt text and caption with primary keywords.
  7. Don’t miss out H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags.
  8. Add labels at the end of the blog post. use primary, secondary and tertiary keywords while writing labels. Then link them to relevant blog posts of your blog
  9. Add “No-Follow” links to high authority websites/blogs whenever possible in the article.
  10. Don’t miss out to use primary keywords on the title. Use keywords on H2 and H3 tags also if possible.
  11. Bold the Primary Keywords, Underline the secondary keywords and Italicise the tertiary keywords.
  12. Add one naked URL of your blog home page.
  13. Edit the Permalink name and replace it by your primary keywords.

Last, yet the most Important :

If you’re using WordPress, Never ever forget to use Premium SEO by Yoast Plugin. Do everything that this plugin suggests you to do. Contact me if you need the premium SEO by Yoast Plugin for free


Here is the “Writing Guidelines” for my blog post in my fishing tips niche blog.

writing seo blog posts - writing guidelineswriting guidelines - Earn With Anish


Thank you so much for your patient reading and I hope it was helpful. I would love to hear back from you all with feedback and suggestions. Feel free to contact me you have anything to suggest.



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