A Blue Print to Building a Niche Blog That Makes $500/Month on Autopilot

by Anish Sah March 25, 2017
blueprint to building Niche Blogs

Hello guys!

Niche Blogs being one of the best methods of making money online, there are a lot of internet marketers sharing tonnes of techniques that may or may not work.

Let’s face it!

Finding the best resource that you can trust is difficult, as you may end up spending hours of your valuable time working on something that is never going to bring you the money that you’ve ever dreamt for.

So, I thought to share a brief of my work that helped me reach to a goal of $524 a monthI hope that your valuable time reading this short post will be of worth.

1. Selecting a Niche and a Domain

Niche! Many marketers often say to choose a niche that you’re comfortable. I respect their concept, but I have a different approach.

I suggest, you should choose a niche which is in demand (1000-10,000 Searches per month) and there are 1million – 10 million “search results” (on google SERP). This is just a rough estimate. You get an Idea.

The domain name is what we often ignore, but the fact is; exact match domain (EMD) is still alive! It plays a vital role in ranking you blog/website.

Try to research your domain name to meet your exact keyword. There are numerous tools that you can make use of.

2. Keyword Research and Content Planning

Keyword research can be pain in the ass (sorry for the language). There is no one single tool that can find you all the profitable keywords.

So, I would suggest you to use at least 3-4 tools. Later, just merge your search into one spread sheet. My favourite keyword research tool is SEMrush.

Signup for a free account there and you can use a tool called “SEO Keyword Magic“. Other usable tool is SEObook. These are my favourites. please share your favourite tools while commenting to this thread.

Three points you must remember while choosing a topic

  • Choose Topics that will be in Demand for a long time.
  • Design this micro-niche site like a wikipedia (Write articles on everything that is related to your niche, don’t miss even a single minor topic)
  • Choose keywords that are driving traffic or CPC.

For Planning what topics to write about, I use: MajesticSEO, Buzzsumo and Ahref. These are awesome tools to research topics that are trending recently.

Mind Map of Content

  • What is the [Topic]
  • How to use/install [Topic]
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using [Topic]
  • Important Facts about [Topic]

3. Setting up the micro-niche blog

Hosting – Bluehost (only $3.95/month) – Free domain

Theme – Swift Themes (plug & Play)

Essential/Recommended WordPress Plugins –

  • “WordPress SEO by Yoast” for site SEO
  • “Akismet” – Preventing comment spam
  • “Auto Post thumbnail” for automatically generating featured image
  • “Monarch” for social bookmarking
  • “Jetpack by WordPress” for multi purposes including stats in dashboard
  • “No self Pings” to stop self-pinging
  • “Push Press” for Fast indexing
  • “Shortpixels” for image compression
  • “SEO friendly Images” as the name implies
  • “WP super cache” for caching
  • “Broken Link Checker” for checking broken links

4. Additional Steps to be Followed

Make the blog on the site SEO perfect. Take extreme care of content quality and keywords score. Make a few videos on YouTube and link them to the blog from the description generating additional traffic. Submit the site map to major search engines. Submit the blog to top 100 sire suing IMT submitter. Create logo using few online logo makers.

Creating profiles on Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc can help you create High authority backlinks to your website.

5. Building Links

Linking building is another huge subject that requires a lot of hard work and patience. White hat SEO is very important for your sustainable ranking. Methods like “Moving Man Method” are still a great approach to build high quality links. I will be making a post fully dedicated to strategies for building high quality links that will boost your SEO efforts and help you outrank your competitors.

Of course, above post is a just a brief blue print. I hope this post helps newbies to get started with their blogging career.

I welcome Comments.


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  • Avatar for Nithanth

    Good blog to read. Y don’t you put this by showing through screen shots from domain selection process .
    Ways you used to bring traffic. Weekly Insights of screenshot of traffic increasing. Show screen shots of income you are getting in particular blog etc a detailed description. It’s just a request.
    I teach digital marketing by giving website to students @ sketchcareer.com on every ones interest.
    If you can provide such great article I can help my students follow you to get a case study for them

    • Avatar for Anish Sah

      Thanks for your Feedback. Lately I am putting together everything for building an Authority Site. There’s you’ll be able to see everything. Just make sure you subscribe to receive the free review copy. Your feedback will be valuable.