How to Monetize a Website [ 39 PROVEN Ways to be Rich in 2018 ]

by Anish Sah February 23, 2018
how to Monetize a Website

You now have a fully functional website. Congratulations! Trust me, there are lots of ways on how to monetize a website, and not all types of monetization strategies can do great for the type of website you have.

According to Netcraft survey, there are over 1.8 billion websites in the world. That’s massive, right?

And, every website is different in their own way; you can’t be dependent on one way of monetizing.

The best you can do is to get to know about all types of website monetization strategies and pick the best ones.

In this article, I’ll be talking about 39 ways on how to monetize a website. I’ll try eliminating the variables and be more specific on website monetization strategies.

There are millions of people who are efficiently making money via websites and claim money making from the internet isn’t a myth.

Whether you have a website for fun purpose or you want to make some extra bucks out of your part-time work, websites can be the ultimate solution. It has turned out to be profitable business or professions for many people.

If you seek knowledge about how to earn money from website visits, then you have landed on the right page.

Before, we begin the eye-popping “how to monetize a website” guide, here’s a quick monetization FAQ

Why monetize a website?

It’s obviously for money, right?

However, there’s a number of overlooked reason for people seeking information on how to monetize a website.

There’s a huge mass who monetized the website just to escape the overall rat race. They love or tend to work from home and be their own boss rather to work 9 to 5 job.

Whereas, there’s another kind of people or serial entrepreneurs who take the website to promote their business into a mass.

And, there’s another kind who can flip things into money making venture. Either way, they see money or business as their primary goal and websites as a great tool for achieving their dreams.

No, matter where you fall, this exclusive guide to how to monetize a website can simply change your life.

Are you able to monetize any websites?

If you are wondering about this particular question, then my answer would be “Yes”. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that website isn’t what makes money.

The website is just a tool to promote your service or business model. Your business idea and content is what attract people and that’s where other medium comes in to help you earn money.

Besides, it can be pretty related to how to earn money from website visits? Stick with me to the end, you will find your answer in details.

Is there a way to monetize websites without AdSense or ads?

The answer is again yes, it’s possible. I will be highlighting some pro tips and secrets about how to monetize websites without ads. Be with me for sometimes.

On the other hand, it takes more time and dedication to create loyal visitors and masters in how to monetize websites without ads. Besides, there’s a massive negative monetization mindset in visitors, when they see ads unless the site is all about blogging.

Can you sell a website and earn money?

Definitely yes! There’s a whole business of website trade, where you can create, sale and make money out of it. Now, this can be tremendous website monetization strategies and methods to earn money.

Does website traffic play a role?

Website traffic is like gasoline to a vehicle. Without it, you are going nowhere.

I will discuss more on how website make money by traffic, but for now, you need to understand that traffic is everything. With adequate traffic to your website, you are one step closer to be perfect in how to monetize a website.

In order to receive massive traffic, you need to be in the first page of Google in numerous keywords. It’s quite hard things to do if you’re a newbie. However, with  “how to get any article to the first page of Google?” you can rank on Google easily and bring insane traffic to your blog.

What about the web content?

Along with many factors i.e. design, user interface and many more, web content is another essential factor that will bring traffic to your website.

Your website must contain engaging and worthy content. A content that is designed and well written for the users or readers. Your content should assure readers to solve their problems, whereas you must keep the good work consistently.

My article on SEO Content Writing tips for beginners has helped many to achieve the target goals in short periods of times.

I assume the monetization FAQ is longer than I expected to be, but I believe it’s a good one to read.

Without further delay, let’s jump into it.

How to monetize a website?

I guess I have answered most of the generic question before starting the main theme of the topic that is how to monetize a website.

So, buckle your seat belt, and let’s see what are the website monetization strategies, by which you can be rich in the year 2018.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

I wanted to talk about how to monetize website with AdSense, and list it on the top but this one is my favorite. Whereas, there’s a large community involved in affiliate marketing and it is one of the quickest methods to earn money from the website.

The process of affiliate marketing is pretty simple. You refer or somehow advertise the product on your website and if the people buy the product from your website, you will get a hefty amount of share. It’s simple, right?

Likewise, this can be taken as the alternative methods to monetize website without AdSense. However, you have a choice, whether to include AdSense on your website or not.

How to monetize a website - Affiliate Marketing

It looks easy, so where do I begin with?

Right question, at first you need to have website or blog. But before that, you need to make sure what you are promoting. Start finding the right product from big sites for instance Amazon.

There are millions of products on Amazon, you can take any product, but be careful, you’re not going to make money for the items which have very high competition. In order to find the right product, you need to spend more time looking for profitable product. I recommend you to use Diggarr Amazon Product Finder.

Once you are ready with the niche product and a good-looking content, your good to go. The next step would be writing reviews about that product.

Now, it’s your job to make it viral and see the magic. If you are conscious about percentile of the commission, then it might be of anywhere between 30% to 70%. The ratio is well depended on product price. Don’t be amazed at the above ratio, because you can get 2-4% on each sale on most of the items.

So, choose your product wisely, it’s better to go for high-end products which cost above 100$. So, that the small ratio can also make a huge difference in your life.

You can read more on Amazon affiliate marketing from here.

Besides, there are tons of affiliate marketing platforms, some of them are listed below.

Well, that was the first step, process or methods to how to monetize a website. I believe you have already built some confidence to be rich.

The overall process is simple but for that, you need huge traffic. And, this can be a good example of how website make money by traffic.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising – Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the popular advertising services from Google that allows website owners to make money online by posting ads from Google Adwords.

How to monetize a website - Google Adsense

The process of getting money from AdSense is very simple. You have a blog or website with huge traffic and you have already affiliated with AdSense program. Then you just need to wait for the visitors to clicks on an advertisement link or image banner.

Another great thing about AdSense is, it displays the relevant ads on your website. It identifies your content and shows the relevant ads on your website.

For instance: You have a website related to dogs & cats, Google AdSense will automatically start showing your visitors ads related to cat & dogs i.e. cat food, dog chew etc.

With every click, Google pays the website owner a good percentage of what the big companies pay for the ad.

How to monetize a website with AdSense?

The overall process of AdSense is pretty simple. However, you need to acknowledge the fact that it takes a lot of time, patience and traffics.

If you are curious about how websites make money by traffic? Then this it.

Traffic in another word is visitors, and when there are more visitors there are more chances for them to click on the ads.

Well, that’s about Traffic and in order to go for traffic, you need to have solid and well-optimized websites. This is the basic requirement for how to monetize a website with AdSense.

Once you have fulfilled the first requirement, the next step would be applying for AdSense. Google is very strict when it comes to approving AdSense application. So, you need to take care of various things before applying for AdSense.

Once, your application is approved, you can simply place the code on your website and your good to go.

  1. CPM Advertising Networks – Sell Ad Space

Now, this can be a good explanation of how website make money by traffic.

How to monetize a website - CPA Advertising

Just imagine, you have thousands of organic traffic on the daily basis. Now, explore the endless possibilities of making money from that traffic.

You can always count on AdSense; however, you can also monetize website without AdSense.

Selling available space for big company ads is another cool website monetization strategies that can simply make you rich.

What exactly is CPM Networking?

CPM stands for Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Thousand. It is ad Networking platform where publishers get money by displaying ads on the basis of their blog traffic.

For example You have a blog with high traffic and have enough space on your website. You can come up with the price for each space i.e. sidebar banner ads xxx$ per month.

CPM ad networks depend on how much visitors you get. It is generally calculated on the dollar amount per one thousand impressions or CPM. Suppose, you see $5 CPM and you have 100,000 monthly visitors on your blog, that ad price can give you $500.

So, if your blog has unique and massive traffic from different sources, money is pretty easy. The good thing about CPM ad Networking is, it can give you as high as $5000 per month from a simple banner space.

However, if you go downside on your traffic, then you can’t expect much from these website monetization strategies.

Some of the best CPM ad networking platforms are:

  1. Cost Per Action (CPA) NetworksLeads

Leads is the key elements of every business. Big companies thrive and seek leads in order to sale their product or services.

How to monetize a website - CPA Networks
There’s no doubt that they have strong manpower and marketing teams to generate leads. However, they always have backups or other creative ways to look for new sources to find leads. And, that’s where you and I come along.

Having an issue with how to monetize website without AdSense? Follow the leads.

For example: Imagine, you have a website that gives methods, tricks, and tips to solve math questions. Then your visitor’s information such as emails, address or phone number can be a great asset to various online schools & colleges that are actively looking forward to selling their courses to proactive students.

Don’t wonder, how do websites make money without ads, there’s plenty of these kinds of methods.

What you need to understand is you are the medium of connecting dots, playing the famous matchmaker by introducing two parties who can take benefits from one another.

Some of the famous Cost Per Action networks are:

  1. Sponsored Posts & articles

If you are still not sure how to monetize a website, then sponsored posts & article might help you.

How to monetize a website - Sponsored Posts

Well, for all these methods to get work, you need insane and steady traffic. Once you have achieved that goal, it’s all about choosing the track.

Among various website monetization strategies, this method can give you fame and helps to build an authoritative website.

The overall process is the same, you have a website in a specific niche and have huge traffic. If you are highly related to big companies, then they might come looking for you to feature their sponsored content (Native advertising).

Additionally, you can go for reviewing the product from a company on an “advertorial” part. Basically, it’s the part of the content that is well designed for advertisement.

For example You have a website that is all about android games for mobiles and tablets, the creator of one of those ads would love to have your precious review and feature their apps to your right fans.

However, you have to do this very carefully and correctly. If you mess it then be ready to face the worst nightmare of your life.

How to monetize website without AdSense?

There are loads of ways to monetize a website without AdSense.

Just stick with this article to the end, I’m sure you will be amazed.

Sorry to break the counting. It was necessary as the below numbers is all about how to monetize a website without ads.

  1. Donation from website visitors

Asking donation from website visitors is not a good idea. I may agree with you here, but what if I say, there are tons of websites which give engaging and outstanding content and receives millions of dollars as a website?

How to monetize a website - Donation

In order to go for this method, you have to clear your perception towards Donation. For instance: Wikipedia or; are some of a good examples of a web page which runs on visitor’s donations.

Likewise, I have seen people who ask donations from the visitors, roam all around the world and bring magnificent contents to the users. Similarly, there are thousands of websites going for donations and working for the betterment of the society or solving a social cause i.e. Nepal’s earthquake, flood victims related websites or cancer-related websites.

  1. Selling of Digital Products

So far, you have enhanced your knowledge in how to monetize a website, but with this method, you can simply build your own empire.

Empire, that’s huge, right?

However, it’s a possible thing and selling your own digital products is really a smart way to monetize website without AdSense.

How to monetize a website - Selling digital goods

So, how do you do that?

 The process is simple and how to earn money from website visits isn’t a myth.

You just need a good amount of traffic and you can sell the whole world. No doubt, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But at the end of the day, you will get success in cutting the middleman off.

You just have to create a mesmerizing product, bring traffic to your site and you’re done. The approach is fairly straightforward, you can sell product directly from your website and get paid immediately.

However, there are lots of cons of this approach. There’s a lot of issues to take care of like payment, shipping, and taxes. There’s a good hassle on this method. But with regular contribution and dedication, it’s not a bad deal at all.

  1. Build an incredible Email list

If you are looking for the long run method to build money empire and master on how website makes money by traffic, then this is for you.

How to monetize a website - Email Marketing

Well, from the CPA Networks, you have pretty much known the importance of emails and visitor’s information. It’s not only information, it’s your assets whereas, it’s the way of earning money for a long time or let’s say for a life.

The process of collecting emails is a very slow process. You can’t have all thousands of emails list overnight, it takes years and years to build a good amount of lists.

On the other hand, it’s not only an email list, it’s the list of your loyal readers and visitors which can be useful to build something incomparable and can be converted into monetary values by various ways.

Besides, it’s the simple, effective and pro tips to solve the problem of how to monetize a website for a long time.

Just be loyal to your readers, provide authentic and engaging content for free, try to help them as much as you can. Trust me, the reward will be delicious.

  1. E-commerce site

An e-commerce site could be the perfect answer to the general question, how do websites make money without ads.

E-commerce? Where is the content?

First of all, website doesn’t have to be just content. Second, they can be centered around tools or product in a well-designed, user-friendly online store.

Likewise, e-commerce can be the perfect fit for those who don’t like AdSense and wonder about how do websites make money without ads.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of eCommerce websites in the world. They all are working in different fields and somehow considered themselves as pretty unique. Well, success is there, when you tend to give something unique and better to the people.

Some of the famous e-commerce platforms are:

  1. Podcasts

Still not sure, how to monetize a website? Wait you may like this one.

How to monetize a website - Podcasts

Podcasts are another great way to make your website glow and bring you enough money. Many bloggers who work on specific niche produces excellent podcasts on a regular time basis.

They are quite successful in it, whereas they have been accompanied by thousands of organic traffic on a daily basis. On the other hand, they are selling themselves by creating opportunities for ad revenue and sponsorships.

If you have something to offer on a regular basis then go for Podtrac – famous platform which simply connects podcasters and advertisers.

How to monetize website without AdSense – various website monetization strategies

 How to monetize a website without adsense

The above 10 methods might have clear your thirst on how to monetize a website. But is there any other methods?

None of the other methods worked for me? And Are there any other ways on how to monetize website without AdSense?

The answer is “yes”, there are tons of ways. Check out the list and you can thank me later.

  1. Sell text-link ads:

In the field of advertisement, you can sell ads through various ways. I won’t recommend this method, but there’s still a good demand for text-links ads. However, it might somehow violate the Terms and Conditions of Google, so make sure to check them out, before going for text-link ads. Some of the platforms for text-link ads or contextual Ads are:

  1. Hosting Affiliate Programs:

Hosting affiliate programs can be a good option to monetize website without AdSense. Some of the hosting affiliate programs platforms are:

  1. WordPress affiliate plugins:

WordPress Plugins are another great alternative to monetize website without AdSense. Though you may have to spend few dollars at its inception, but upon using correctly, they can give you a good amount of surplus in the long run.

Some of them are:

  1. Set up RSS Feed ads:

This method really works. Build an awesome blog with insane traffics, set up RSS Feed and advertise for available Ad Space. Simple right?

  1. Premium content for extra dollars:

If you can produce excellent and mind-blowing content, then you don’t need to worry about how to monetize website without ads, you can simply sell your content as a premium content.

Some of the platforms for selling premium contents are:

  1. Private Forums and coaching classes

Now, this is totally different and spectacular way to monetize website without AdSense. If you have a unique skill that you think can sell, then just try it out. You can make a handsome amount by using your own skill and techniques.

  1. Job offer

Another great way to monetize website without AdSense is a Job offer. Create an industry-specific job board on your website, charge a certain amount for the companies to post a job listing and your good to go. Some of the ways to go for job board are: 

  1. Consulting services:

Similarly, if you are Pundit of any field, you can simply promote yourself for consulting services through your blog. Advertise yourself, bring the customer in and make a hefty amount out of it. However, you have to be pro and need to assure people to solve their problems.

  1. Hire yourself as a freelancer – add hire me page on your website:

Besides the option of monetizing website without AdSense, you can promote yourself for a specific job and purpose. It’s all up to you, what you want to do, whether you want to involve as a part-time or full-time. State everything and make money by promoting yourself.

  1. Sell and rent internal pages

Some part of this has already been discussed above. You can sell and rent any part of your website and make money out of it.

  1. pop-ups advertisements

Pop-ups advertisement can make you go intense and hyper sometimes, but this is another effective way to bring some money in.

  1. Locking up the content

It is quite similar to locking or protecting the documents until visitors take some action to make it visible. You can do several things like, you can make them pay some amount, whereas you can make them see ads or click on the ads to reveal the documents.

  1. Audio ads

In the world of digitalization, audio ads are something that is Though I haven’t personally used this method, but according to some Adgurus, it is promising and worth a try.

  1. Ebook

Ebook can be taken as the perfect example of Digital Products. The process of selling Digital product is the same.

  1. Conference on your website

There’s a lot of work here, however, if you succeed, you can literally do anything. 

  1. Host paid webinars

It is similar to consulting service and conference on your website. However, it will be a bit different as there will be a mass audience. If you can win this situation, you will end up getting loyal, regular and trusted customers.

  1. Membership websites

Membership websites are another first-rated monetization option from which you can generate recurring revenue. The main objective of this service is to offer members to give access to exclusive content or resources. Some of the platforms for membership websites are:

  1. Offering a coupon

Now this one is a bit tricky things. We all know that people are looking for coupons and discount voucher everywhere. On the other hand, you can earn money from it by using affiliate links. However, you have to be sure that the offer is a valid one and has some expiry date.

  1. Polls on your website

If there’s something new happening around your surroundings, you can create a poll on your website and bring insane traffic. If you can bring a lot of traffic, then I don’t have to say how website make money by traffic.

  1. Writing service for the client

You don’t have to worry about other factors of how to monetize a website if you have a solid skill in writing. By offering writing service from your website, you can easily make $20 to $30 per 500-word

  1. Paid directory or a business page

The another technique to bypass the queries how to monetize a website without ads is paid directory. Though, its service oriented and it takes a lot of time to build fruitful client. But, you can charge people for listing or submit their website in numerously available directories.

  1. Designing and selling stock graphics

If you happened to be a wonderful graphics designer, then I have a very good news.

With the help of a website, and without worrying about how to monetize website without ads, you can simply make money by selling your creativity. PDS files, logo templates, Photoshop brushes, vectors, icons, picture manipulation etc are some of the things that you can sell online.

It would be great, if you can sale your product through your own websites, after all, that’s the technique to how to earn money from website visits.

Besides, you can always rely on various available platforms. These are some of the marketplaces, where you can sale your product. Whereas, you can get commission up to 70% for each sale.

  1. Create fantastic fonts

I guess designers don’t have to worry about how to monetize a website, there’s a ton of ways to make money for this profession. 

Just like selling stock graphics, you can also sale creative fonts. Every designer has sharp eyes and they can smell fishy when it comes to the bad fonts. Which, on the other hand, is a great opportunity for a designer who is different and wants to different.

  1. Plugins or Addons

Not a designer? Worry not, this method of how to monetize website without AdSense might be perfect for you.

Just like the designers can sell their product on various platforms, you can sale your WordPress plugins and addons on various platforms.

Some of them are:

  1. Launch your own affiliate program

How to monetize a website is a piece of cake if you know how to do it. Just like other affiliate programs, you can sell your own products adding an affiliate program.

You can allow other people to promote our products and in exchange, you can give a commission for each sale or service that they refer. Some of the famous platform to launch and create your own affiliate program are:

  1. Social Engine Optimization

This is actually a service that is provided by freelancers and agencies. Basically, to give SEO service, you don’t need a website and it’s pretty far away from the topic how to monetize a website. However, it’s better to relate and get connected to your own websites.

You are a freelancer and offering an SEO service, and clients found you on the very first page of the Google. That simply means they can trust your work easily. If not, he hasn’t had found you.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Just like SEO, you can let people or possible clients that you are good in social media marketing skills through your sites.

Build an awesome profile on the website itself, teach people about social media marketing skills. Whereas, if you are good enough, some might offer you a part-time or full-time social media marketing job as well.

  1. Build your own software

Software, tools and developing materials are simply bread and butter for developers. Whether they are working for companies or they are working as a freelancer, their job is to create software that would solve some problem and ease the mass.

What if, you can create your own software and sell it with the help of your own website? Now, that’s a good way how to monetize a website without AdSense right?

  1. Build tools or services that customers are willing to pay for

Simply, building essential tools & service and selling to targeted audience.

If you are a pro in making such things, then that would give you enough money to start your own company. Whereas, this would be our last website monetization strategies for the subject matter “how to monetize a website without ads”.

So, this was the complete list I know! What monetization method are you going to use? Please do comment below!!

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