How to Monetize a Website [ 39 PROVEN Ways to be Rich in 2018 ]

by Anish Sah February 23, 2018
how to Monetize a Website

You have a fully functional website. Congratulations!

Now, are you wondering how to monetize a website?

According to Netcraft survey, there are over 1.8 billion websites in the world. That’s huge, right?

There are millions of people that are making money via websites. They are the living proof that making money from the internet is not a myth.

But because every website is different, there are various ways of monetizing too.

You need to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of website monetization strategies. Then figure out which approach is the best for you.

In this article, I’ll give you more than 35 ways on how to monetize a website. I will make the information on website monetization strategies as specific as possible.

With this article, you can also learn how to earn money from website visits.

But you dive into the ‘how to monetize a website’ guide, here are quick FAQs on monetization.

Why monetize a website?

Now the obvious answer is to make money. Some people do it because they like working from home rather than follow the traditional 9 to 5 crunch.

They wish to be their own boss.

Serial entrepreneurs do it to promote their business to a larger audience. People that are keen on changing their ideas into moneymaking ventures see their websites as tools to achieve their goals.

Regardless of where you fall on the ‘making money through websites’ spectrum, this guide on how to monetize a website will prove useful to you.

Are you able to monetize ANY website?

The answer is a resounding yes. The first thing you need to understand is that it’s not a website that makes money.

Your website is only a tool to promote your business or service.

Once your content regarding your business attracts people, it is through other mediums that you make money.

How to monetize websites without AdSense or ads?

I will be highlighting some pro tips (and secrets) on how to monetize websites without ads.

You have to be patient when it comes to monetizing websites without ads. It takes a lot of time and dedication to gain loyal visitors and to be a master on how to monetize a website without Adsense.

Visitors tend to view websites with ads negatively, that is unless the entire site is about blogging.

Can you sell a website to earn money?


Website trading is a business model, too. People create and sell websites to make money. This is among the best website monetization strategies.

Does website traffic play a role?

Website traffic to monetization is like fuel to a vehicle. Without website traffic, you won’t get anywhere in the monetization game.

First, you need to learn how websites make money by traffic. Then you have to focus on increasing traffic to your website. I understand that it can be difficult if you’re just starting out.

Get helpful tips from our article How to get any article to the first page of Google You can bring a lot of traffic to your blog if you put these tips to use.

Is Web Content Important?

Along with many other factors such as design and user interface, web content plays a crucial role in bringing visitors to your website.

To drive traffic to your website, it’s essential that you provide content that delivers value to the visitors. Your content has to address their problems and give relevant information to help solve those problems. And you have to consistently put out quality content on your website so people keep coming back to your website.

Read my article on SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners to learn how to produce articles that both users and search engines love.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get started on how to monetize a website.

Here’s the quick checklist of the topics that we are going to discuss.

How to monetize a website?

Listed below are the most efficient ways you can monetize your website.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is my one of my favorite website monetization strategies. There’s a large community involved in affiliate marketing. It is after all one of the quickest methods to earn money from your website.

Here’s how it works. You promote someone else’s product or service on your website, and every time someone uses your referral to buy the product, you receive a commission.

It is one of the methods you can monetize website without Adsense.

How to monetize a website - Affiliate Marketing

Where do I begin?

 First, you need to set up a website or a blog.

But before you do that, you need to know exactly what you are promoting. Start browsing big retail sites like Amazon to find products you can promote.

How to pick the right product?

There are millions of products on Amazon, Flipkart, and many other ecommerce sites. If you pick items that have high competition, chances are you won’t make money promoting them.

You have to spend enough time looking for profitable products. I recommend you use Diggarr Amazon Product Finder.

Now that you’ve got a niche product, the next thing to do is write reviews for the product. Make sure the reviews are thorough and also use the SEO strategies to make your content go viral.

You can make anywhere between 30 to 70 percent as a commission from affiliate marketing.

But how much money you can make depends on the prices of the products you are promoting. You can usually make up to 2-4 percent from the sale of every item. It’s better to go for high-end products that cost above $100.

You can read more on Amazon affiliate marketing here.

There are many affiliate marketing platforms some of which are listed below.


2. Pay Per Click Advertising – Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a popular advertising service that allows website owners make money online by posting ads on Google Adwords.

How to monetize a website - Google Adsense

Making money from AdSense is super simple. All you need is a blog or a website that gets good traffic. Once you have that, you need to apply for AdSense.

Google is strict when it comes to approving applications for AdSense, and only gives its approval to websites with good content and traffic.

When your application is approved, copy the code provided by Google on to your website. Then you just wait for visitors to click on an advertisement link or image banner on your website.

Another great thing about AdSense is that it displays relevant ads based on the content on your website.

For example, if your website is about, say cats or dogs, Google Adsense will show your visitors ads related to your website, such as cat or dog food, chew toys, etc.

Google will then pay you, as you are the website owner, every time someone clicks on one of those ads.

How to monetize a website with AdSense?

Website monetization with Adsense is easy, but it does take a lot of time, patience, and most importantly, website traffic.

If you are wondering how websites make money by traffic, the answer is obvious. The higher the traffic, the more people there are that can click on the ads. The more clicks the ads get, the more money you make. That is why a solid, well-optimized website is a must to monetize with Adsense.

3. CPM Advertising Networks – Sell Ad Space

Now, this can be a good explanation of how website make money by traffic.

How to monetize a website - CPA Advertising

If your website gets good traffic organically, the possibilities for your website making you money are endless.

AdSense is a great way of making money, but you can also monetize your website without AdSense.

This is a way in which you sell ad space on your website to big companies that are looking to advertise their products or services on your site. Selling ad space is another simple website monetization strategy.

What exactly is CPM Networking?

First, you need to understand what CPM Networking is. CPM stands for Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Thousand. It is a networking platform where publishers get money by displaying ads.

If you have a blog with high traffic and have space on it for ads, then you can quote the price for ad space, e.g. sidebar banner ads for $xxx per month.

I can’t stress this enough: CPM ad networks depend on the number of visitors your website gets. It is calculated in dollar amount per one thousand impressions. If, for example, the CPM is $5 and you have 100,000 monthly visitors on your blog, you can make $500 by selling your ad space.

The good thing about CPM Ad Networking is that you can earn up to $5000 per month from a simple banner space.

However, if you don’t have enough traffic, these website monetization strategies won’t be much use to you.

Some of the best CPM ad networking platforms are:


4. Cost Per Action (CPA) NetworksLeads

How to monetize a website - CPA Networks

Leads are key elements of every business. Big companies thrive and seek leads in order to sell their products or services.

Big companies, undoubtedly, have large marketing teams that work constantly to generate leads. However, they also look for outside sources to find leads. That’s where you and I come in.

If you were wondering to monetize a website without AdSense, this is an excellent way. All you have to do is generate useful leads.

Let’s say you have a website that gives students tips and tricks to solve mathematical problems. Then the visitor information—email or phone number—you gather about the students can be a great asset to online schools and colleges that are looking to sell their courses.

You help sellers find prospective buyers and give them information about these buyers.

Some popular CPA Networks are:


5. Sponsored Posts & articles

If you are still unsure about the aforementioned information on how to monetize a website, then sponsored posts and articles could be a method for you to do so.

How to monetize a website - Sponsored Posts

In case you weren’t paying attention earlier, you need traffic, loads of it for putting to use all website monetization strategies. With this method, too, your website’s got to have heavy, steady traffic.

This monetization method can also help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.If you have a popular-enough website, then companies are going to want to feature their content on it. Or you can review a company’s product for the ‘advertorial’ section of your website.

If, suppose, you have a website that specializes in content about android games for mobiles and tablets, then creators of such games might want to feature their product on your website. They might want you to review their games, too.

You have to be very careful about picking the right products to feature and give your honest opinion in your reviews. Or it might affect the credibility of your site.

Think this method is not for you? Worry not, I’ll give you more information on how to monetize a website.

6. Donation from website visitors

You might be thinking that asking your visitors is not a good idea, and I can’t help but agree with you. It can put off some visitors if you ask for donations.

But before you ignore this technique completely, you should know that there are tons of popular websites that run on contributions. Some of these websites include Wikipedia,, and, among many others.

The contributions provided by the visitors and readers help people running these websites create quality content. There are also websites that use these contributions to help those in need of help, such as to those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.

7. Selling of Digital Products

This strategy is about more than just how to monetize a website without AdSense. It will do that for sure, but so much more. You will be able to pretty much build your own empire with this strategy if you are willing to put in the work that is.

How to monetize a website - Selling digital goods


The first thing you need is a product you can sell. It has to be a quality product that will add value to buyer’s lives. With a website that sees good traffic, you can sell your product directly to the visitors and get paid immediately.

There are, however, challenges with this approach. You will have to take care of payment, shipping and delivery yourselves. That is a lot of hassle. But if you are consistent in your efforts, then this is a great way to make money.

8. Build an incredible Email list

If you are looking for a more long-term, steady way to earn money from your website, then this method is for you.

How to monetize a website - Email Marketing

I have already mentioned how important visitor information—emails and phone numbers—is.

The process of creating a large enough email list takes a long time. The list will contain emails of people who have visited your website. You can sell this list as leads to other businesses, use the list to sell your own product or to sell subscription-based content.

9. E-commerce site

There are plenty of ecommerce sites where companies sell their products. These are well-designed, user-friendly websites that are centered on these products. Ecommerce websites can be a good way for people who don’t want to use Adsense to earn money from their site.

There are thousands of ecommerce websites in the world, and all of them offer different kinds of products and services. Some famous ecommerce platforms are:


10 .Podcasts

Podcasts are another great way to monetize your website. Bloggers specialize in a particular niche and produce well-researched podcasts on a timely basis.

How to monetize a website - Podcasts

Thousands of listeners follow such well-made podcasts, which means that they get loads of organic traffic. Such podcasts are great platforms for the creators to make money as ad revenue.

Podtrac is a famous platform that connects podcasts and advertisers.

If you are still unsure what method works for you best and are looking for more website monetization strategies other than these ten, keep reading!

How to monetize website without AdSense – various website monetization strategies

 How to monetize a website without adsense

The above 10 methods might have clear your thirst on how to monetize a website. But is there any other methods?

None of the other methods worked for me? And Are there any other ways on how to monetize website without AdSense?

The answer is “yes”, there are tons of ways. Check out the list and you can thank me later.

1. Sell text-link ads:

I don’t personally recommend this method, but for people who want to use it, there a good demand for text-link ads. You have to be particularly careful with using this method because it might violate Google’s Terms and Conditions. Some of the platforms for text-link ads or contextual ads are:


2. Hosting Affiliate Programs:

Hosting affiliate programs can be a good way to bring in significant revenue in commissions. You sell and promote different web hosting companies and get paid a certain percentage. All the hosting companies now offer affiliate programs.


3. WordPress affiliate plugins:

To use this strategy, you need to invest some money in the beginning. But you can recoup your investment in the long run and make a lot more money than you invested initially.

Some of them are:


4. Set up RSS Feed ads:

You have to create a blog that can attract a lot of traffic and set up RSS Feed. Then you advertise available ad space. Simple, isn’t it?

5. Premium content for extra dollars:

This is a totally different way to monetize a website. If you have a unique skill, then you can just sell your service to make money. If you provide quality service, you will get glowing recommendations that can help you find more clients.

If you can get some quality backlinks to your website, that’s even better.


6. Private Forums and coaching classes

This is a totally different way to monetize a website. If you have a unique skill, then you can just sell your service to make money. If you provide quality service, you will get glowing recommendations that can help you find more clients.

If you can get some quality backlinks to your website, that’s even better.

7. Job offer

Another great way to monetize your website without AdSense is through job offers. Just create an industry-specific job board on your website, and you can charge a certain amount for companies to post a job listing.

Some of the platforms you can use are:


8. Consulting services:

If you are an expert in any field, then you can provide consulting services through your website or blog. Promote your expertise, and you’ll find people that are willing to pay good money for it.

9. Hire yourself as a freelancer – add hire me page on your website:

Add a hire me page on your website. You can promote get freelancing jobs through your website. With freelancing, it’ll be up to you how many hours you want to put into the job.

Just make sure to state clearly the kind of jobs you can do and the services you can provide.

10. Sell and rent internal pages

This point has been discussed in the strategies above. You can just sell or rent parts of your website where they can promote their business or product. It is similar to buying ad space on a website, but in this method, people rent out entire pages of websites by paying money to the website owner.

However, buying ad space is more profitable to clients than buying or renting pages. That is why not many people are willing to do this anymore.

11. pop-ups advertisements

Pop-up advertisements are another effective way to bring some money in. Pop-Ups are generally used by websites to promote their own products. More often than not, pop-ups are third-party ads that you get paid for displaying on your website.

There are potential downsides to Pop-Up Advertisements, though. Your visitors might find Pop-Up Ads annoying. But they are effective, too, in terms of getting advertisers’ message through to the customers.

That is advertisers are willing to pay premium rates to place pop-up ads on high-traffic websites. That makes it a great way for you to make some revenue from your website.

12. Website Content Locking

It is a popular method of marketing that allows you to monetize traffic on your website.

How it works is simple. Let’s say a user clicks on a website to download free music. Before he can download the music, a pop-up box appears that asks him to download an app or submit his information, among others. To be able to download the music, he has to complete that action.

You can lock any content on your website provided that it is valuable enough for users to want to unlock it.


13. Audio ads

Ad gurus believe that audio ads are the next big thing in digital marketing and that both top-tier companies and small businesses will use it. Developers are already using audio ads to reduce visual clutter on their websites.

You can just use Pay Per Play Audio Ads that play a five-second audio ad as soon as a visitor clicks on a web page. Unlike other PPC ads, the visitor doesn’t have to click on the ad on your website. The ad plays automatically.

You generate website revenue every time the ad is played.

14. Ebook

Digital marketing has disrupted the publishing business too. This disruption means that you don’t have to follow the traditional publishing chain where you’d find a big publisher to publish your books who would then sell those books via distributors.

You can write your own e-books or employ writers to write them. Just focus on your niche—be it travel or technology, romance or religion.

If you are self-publishing e-books, you handle everything from writing to marketing to distributing your books yourself. That means you don’t have to pay anyone, and everything you make from the book is your revenue.

You can either set up your own website or use the many online stores, like Amazon, to sell your e-books. Using ecommerce sites allows you to reach more people than you might through your own website.

15. Hosting Conferences on your website

Hosting virtual meeting on your website where people can come together and exchange information can be a great way of making money online.

The benefit with this is that companies always need to host such conferences. However, they may not always have the resources—technical or financial—to do it themselves. That is where you come in. The services that you provide may range from planning the meeting, hosting it on your website to providing off-site web servers.

There are a variety of vendors, such as Microsoft Live Meeting and Adobe Acrobat Connect, offering conferencing software. They don’t simply sell conferencing software but combine the software they sell with hosting services.

16. Host paid webinars

It is similar to providing consulting service or hosting conferences on your website. However, it is different in that there’ll be a larger audience. Webinars are simply interactive seminars or presentations hosted on a website.

If you can appeal to the audience through the material of your webinar, you’ll end up building a loyal customer base.

17. Membership websites

Membership websites are websites where visitors pay a certain fee to join in. You can offer things like articles, webinars, video tutorials, reports, and templates. This is a great way for people to learn from your content by paying a nominal membership fee.

To monetize your website through membership, you need to establish yourself as an expert in the area of the services you are providing. You also need to build a loyal community of followers. If your website is providing useful content to loyal visitors, you can generate steady income by charging them a monthly membership fee

To successfully run a membership website, you need to stay updated on the developments in your niche and update your content regularly.


18. Offering a coupon

You can start your coupon site as a way to make passive money online. You can run a coupon site by linking with affiliate or aggregator sources for a small payment.

People are constantly looking for discounts on everything from shopping to travel. Just decide what niche—health or fitness coupons, for example—you want to set up your coupon site on. Set up a business with a name that is available as a website domain, and set up a website that’s user-friendly and can attract good traffic.

Don’t forget to include a sign-up option to create a targeted list of customers.

19. Polls on your website

You can host polls on your site for your website to make money by traffic. Display polls on your blog or website that are relevant to your visitors.

Online polls can help get information about customer perception in a variety of areas and are an effective tool for market research, political research, event planning, and so on.

Companies are always looking for relevant websites to host polls on, and you can provide the companies that service for a certain payment.

20. Writing service for the client

This is probably the simplest method to explain and to set up. But remember, you need good writing skills and some understanding of writing search engine optimized content.

Set up a blog to showcase your writing skill, focus on a niche, research keywords and sell your writing service.

Digital marketing revolves around good content that delivers value to the readers and markets businesses successfully. If you can do that, you will be able to generate steady income.


21. Paid directory or a business page

This is another answer to your question of how to monetize a website without AdSense. You can easily set up an online directory site with WordPress.

Because you list a variety of things on your directory, visitors can land on your directory with a large range of keywords. That’s a great way of driving traffic to your directory.

You can redirect this traffic to other sites for a commission, charge online business sites for good ranking in your directory, or create email lists and sell those leads. These are just a few of the ways you can make money via an online directory.

22. Designing and selling stock graphics

If you are a skilled graphic designer, you can just design and sell stock graphics to generate revenue. You can also sell PDS files, logo templates, Photoshop brushes, vectors, icons, photo manipulation service, and so on.

You can do this via your own website or you can rely on various available platforms, such as


23. Create fantastic fonts

Just as you would sell stock graphics, you can also sell fonts that you have created.

People are always looking for attractive fonts for their website, and if you are skilled at creating fonts, then that’s a way to make money online.

24. Plugins or Addons

Not everyone is a designer, though. Some of us don’t have one creative bone in our body.

If you can create plugins or add-ons, however, you can sell those just as a designer would sell graphics of fonts.

Some of them are:


25. Launch your own affiliate program

How to monetize a website is a piece of cake if you know how to do it. Just like other affiliate programs, you can sell your own products adding an affiliate program.

You can allow other people to promote our products and in exchange, you can give a commission for each sale or service that they refer. Some of the famous platform to launch and create your own affiliate program are:


26. Social Engine Optimization

I don’t have to explain to you how SEO adds value to your content and your websites. The SEO-hype has created a market for freelancers and agencies that can provide SEO services.

You don’t need a website to provide SEO service, but if you do and if your website is optimized, chances are potential clients will learn about your service. There’s a huge market for SEO right now if you are qualified to provide the service.


27. Social Media Marketing

Just like SEO, you can sell social media marketing services to clients looking to market their business through these platforms.

Your services can range from creating content from social media to handling social media marketing campaigns for companies.

Or you can build an awesome profile on your website and teach people social media marketing skills.

28. Build your own software

This is not a simple method, at least not for the non-programmers among us. If you have programming knowledge and software-development experience, however, you can create your own software and sell it using your own website.

 You have to be able to create a tool or service that clients will find useful and are willing to pay for. It takes significant time, effort and skill. But if you are willing to put in the work, it is highly profitable too.

29. Build tools or services that customers are willing to pay for

Simply, building essential tools & service and selling to targeted audience.

If you are a pro in making such things, then that would give you enough money to start your own company. Whereas, this would be our last website monetization strategies for the subject matter “how to monetize a website without ads”.

So, this was the complete list I know! What monetization method are you going to use? Please do comment below!!

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