How to Avoid Copyright Issues on YouTube [ 10 Proven Tips ]

by Anish Sah January 25, 2018
How to Avoid Copyright on Youtube

How to avoid copyright on YouTube? That’s the generic question that I have been hearing a lot.

With the new YouTube rules, many are facing hard times with YouTube. Besides, the YouTube copyright disclaimer is still the same.

Copyright law is taken as the grey area of the internet. Though you may not intend to, you still might be the victim of these hard laws and policies.

So, how to upload YouTube without copyright issues? Don’t hassle, by the end of this article, you will know what you have to do.

Let’s start with the YouTube Policy but before that do you know there are more than 100 sites like YouTube without Censorship?

YouTube Copyright Disclaimer

YouTube copyright Disclaimer and policies start with the community and users itself. Since it is community oriented video uploading platforms, YouTube itself isn’t directly accountable for users uploaded content.

I see a lot of queries indicating how to upload to YouTube without copyright issues, but before making any conclusion you have to be aware of basic copyright & disclaimer.

Moreover, you need to understand what is copyright and which type of works are subjected to be copyright?

YouTube Copyright Disclaimer - EarnWithAnishThat’s the official information posted by the YouTube itself about copyright.

Now, look at the YouTube Copyright Disclaimer by the giant YouTube itself:

YouTube Copyright Disclaimer2 - EarnWithAnish

Besides, YouTube promotes the original content. Whereas YouTube has developed the system known as Content ID to help and manage the owners content on YouTube.

Content ID is a YouTube advanced system that content creators can use to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube. Additionally, it compared to video and audio against audio files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any kind of matches.

In case of the copyright materials, the copyright owner has the following options:

  • Mute the audio that matches their tune.
  • Block the whole video.
  • Monetize the video in succession ads against it.
  • Likewise, Track the video’s statistics.

Likewise, YouTube not only has set the community guidelines and details of “Fair Use” but it has also taken steps to educate the users about the violation, copyright issues.

How to upload to YouTube without Copyright Issues?

Above and beyond originality, there are very few things to know about how to upload to YouTube without copyright issues.

Apart from your own creative content, the only way to master in how to avoid copyright on YouTube is the use of “Fair Use”.

Fair Use is simply the set of exceptions that limit the power behind the copyrights upon the use of a piece of work is for Fair Use.

The section 107 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) explain the Fair Use as:

How to upload to YouTube without Copyright Issues

Thanks to Tubularinsights for the piece of information.

Furthermore, you can refer to extensive guide in promoting fair use in online video.

Well, that was the part of fair use. Before, you clear your thoughts about how to avoid copyright on YouTube, you must be well aware of YouTube community guidelines and it strikes.

Apart from the copyright strikes, community strikes are the common strikes that hinder the overall development of the publishers. However, you have to know why YouTube focus on community guidelines. Here are the quick links to all the community guidelines.

I guess these title would be pretty enough to know and be careful while making videos.

How to Upload Music to YouTube without Copyright issues?

Generally, people ask me you know how YouTube works, can you share how to not get copyrighted on YouTube for music?

Well, my answer is by being original. Produce your own content and go for it.

Besides, you can always be:

  • Be creative and go for transformative work. Put a great effort and make it a creative spin, so that it is unrecognizable as the original.
  • Before going crazy with how to not get copyrighted on YouTube for music, make the full utilization of YouTube search features.
  • Always use YouTube royalty free tracks while uploading music on YouTube. Likewise, there’s tons of site which provides royalty free music.
  1. The Public Domain Project
  2. com
  3. Audionautix
  4. Nathan Wills Music
  5. Audio Micro
  6. FreePD

In case, if you are cover song singer, you may have to know and do more.

Before mastering about how to upload Music on YouTube without Copyright issues, first know the act.

According to Copyright Act “Published” indicated by the DIY musician:

How to Upload Music to YouTube without Copyright issues

In addition, you have to get the mechanical license (secured from an agency such as Harry Fox or CD Baby’s cover song licensing service) from the original publisher of the song, to distribute, sell and create your own cover version. Mechanical license normally secured the appropriate royalties for the original publishers.

Wait, that’s not the end.

If you intend to go deeper and include moving images as a video in your cover songs, then you need to go for sync license. This license allows you to pair the original composition with moving images or video elements in your cover song video.

How to avoid YouTube copyright detection?

It’s pretty hard to avoid YouTube copyright detection. But with the right intention and right path, you can always be on the same side.

Here are some of the tips that help to avoid YouTube copyright detection and safe play.

1. Honour the owner

If you are using the other’s work, honor the owner. Always give credit, their links and appreciate their support.

Without the honor and credits, you may be pretty near to YouTube Copyright Disclaimer. However, if you have the decency to honor the owner, the right owner may forgive you and might not go for any kind of penalty.

2. Don’t ever copy

Another important instruction to avoid YouTube copyright detection doesn’t ever copy. Even, if you purchased a copy of CD, DVD, TV programs and record commercials, shows and concerts, you are very likely to get punishment for this as well.

3. Consult and know the Law

It’s better to take YouTube community guidelines pretty seriously. Otherwise, it may harm you and might get you in trouble.

If you get the 3 strikes from YouTube, there’s a high chance of getting banned from YouTube. Besides, violating the community rules might harm your or company reputation. Whereas, if your country law is quite active in such case, then you might even get sued for using such violating content.

It’s better to consult with YouTube copyright center and also know how to avoid copyright on YouTube.

4. Use of free YouTube music

I have already listed some royalty free music library site that you can use in your videos. Besides, YouTube library have great options of fantastic music along with various genres and instruments.

Always, go for royalty free music, so that you can simply avoid problems and unseen issues.

5. Use creative commons license videos

If you need to upload video, then check whether these videos come under Creative Commons License or not.

Users can have the access to such videos for YouTube participants from their own videos via the YouTube Videoo Editor.

6. Be good boy, follow the manners

Well, be a good boy and inform the owner, even if you have rights to use their videos for any purposes.

With the help of Content ID, they will surely know that their video has been used for any purposes. Whereas, they have the sole authority to do anything.

They might simply make your video shut down, or eat your revenue or simply do nothing. You must be really lucky, if the owners, do nothing. Whereas, being a good boy and honoring the owner might make an impression and make them literally do nothing.

7. FBI Content warning

Have you ever encountered such videos, where they put the FBI warning sign and state the long things about punishment, prison and fine?

Now, that’s a smart move. You can get the official language from the FBI itself.

Here’s a sample of the warning. That’s pretty scary, and I won’t dare to manipulate videos with such warnings.


FBI Content warning

8. Watermark Your Videos

If you love your content and want to know more about how to avoid copyright on YouTube, then this is the right tips for you.

Simply watermark your work. The most video editing software comes up with options of the watermark, which includes text and graphics.

Go for small text, somewhere in the center, beginning or at the end. You can add a message like “if you found this video on any channel other than YouTube, remember that, it is stolen.”

Likewise, you can enlist anything that represents you, your company, warning or message like above.\

Watermark Your Videos

9. Copyright your Videos

Getting your videos copyright from is free and simple.

The simply protects your videos and integrate unique fingerprint into your document. With the fingerprint, you can claim that it’s your property and take legal action against the theft.

Copyright your Videos

10. Direct yourself

This one here is slightly related to originality. If you direct yourself, then there’s a high chance that you escape all the possibilities of copies, legal and other unwanted issues.

Besides, unique and creative videos have always a good possibility to get hit from every perspective. So, try to direct yourself, add creativeness and originality and other things will automatically come in right shapes.

  • If you tend to videotaped your TV screen or download it from unreliable websites;
  • If you give credit to its rightful owner;
  • If your purpose is right, and you are not using video for money;
  • If similar kind of video appears on YouTube;
  • If the video contains any copyright notice;
  • If you create or manipulate other copyrighted content and make short clips

In all these scenarios, you may still be the victim of YouTube copyright policy.

So, make sure you know how to avoid copyright on YouTube with these proven tips.

Feel free to list down in the comment section, if you know any other tips. Let’s share the knowledge and help each other to find the right way.

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