How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Rank #1 on Google FAST!

by Anish Sah November 30, 2017

How many backlinks do I need to rank #1 on Google? Well, that’s the most common question we hear from the newcomers. While it’s the popular secret and worthy matter of debate for the SEO gurus. However, to clear your thoughts, there’s no single and good answer to this question.

Yes, there’s no proper answer to this question.

In fact, when it comes to valuable backlinks, it’s the wrong question to ask. The entire subject of backlink spins around quality over mass quantity.

After the in-depth case study on Link Building Tools in 2017, it’s time to discuss backlinks for google ranking. Moreover, how google analyzes them and how many backlinks per month should you go for.

And to your surprise, it’s a piece of cake if you know how to bake.

Let’s begin by understanding the term Backlinks.

how many backlinks do i need

Understanding the Term Backlink

Backlinks are simply the hyperlinks to your site coming from other sites. It is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. To be more specific, a backlink is the referral links that are connected to your webpage by another website for valuable information, content and authoritative material.

For example, if you are an authority for a specific industry, market, business or any recognized institution, a website may link to your webpage, since your giving them a credible source of information.

Likewise, if you’re mastered in creating high-quality, unique and informative content, then numerous website may link to yours to spread your valuable content.

The perfect method of getting a link to your website is to establish yourself or your brand with high credibility, outstanding content and spectacular connections with other websites.

Whereas, how many backlinks do I need? is determined by Domain Authority and PageRank of the website. One high Domain Authority and PageRank (PR) link is greater than 100 ordinary or poorly sourced backlinks.

Before we go further, let’s look at its types. I will briefly describe its types, it won’t take much time.

#1 Contextual Backlinks

These are the links to an external website that are placed within the primary or main content of a webpage. Well, they are the natural backlinks that come naturally and has nothing to do with navigation, sidebars, widgets, footer or ads on the website. Contextual backlinks can be further divided into:

Web 2.0 sites: You can create web 2.0 sites and create a backlink to the original site.

Editorial links: Use editorial links to create backlink

Article directories: Submit articles in article directories

Guest Post: Guest Post or blog post can drive insane traffic to your website.

Press release sites: create an account to numerous press release sites and submit a press

#2 Non-Contextual Backlinks

Well, this is also the external links that are placed in already existing platforms. Non-contextual backlinks can be further divided into:

Social bookmarking site: Submit the link to numerous bookmarking sites such as twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Dribble, Pocket, Digg, Reddit etc. Just search for “list of social bookmarking site” on Google.

Social Profiling: Likewise, having your website in numerous social profiling sites can also give you high-quality.

how many backlinks do i need

Infographic Submission: Submission of information through pictures in various high PageRank sites.

Blog commenting: Submission of meaningful and natural comment with your link as an anchor text.

Forum posting: Posting on relevant Forums and discussion can also help you to gain valuable backlinks.

What are the factor for High-Quality Backlink?

Among several factors, you should be very conscious about Domain Authority and PageRank. After all, it is one of the important indicators that Google uses to determine placement of any webpage’s overall Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Though Page Rank is considered as pretty old techniques, but sometimes “Old is simply a Gold”.

Well, you’re here for backlink and I’m making you confused with the word Domain Authority and PageRank. Let me clear you the concept of these two elements so that you will understand everything by the end of this article.

Domain Authority

Here’s the new king, previously there was so much influence about Page Rank with link building but slowly Domain Authority (DA) is taking place of Page Rank.

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score or grade created and developed by Moz which predicts website place or rank in SERP.

Basically, DA is score from one to 100; 100 is the highest DA. Based on the website popularity, relevancy and high quality content, DA can be easily scored up to 20 to 30 and it takes lots of time to grow from 70 to 80.

To be more precise,

DA is calculated by evaluating root domains, number of quality links, Moz Rank, MozTrust etc into a single DA score or grade. The score can be used while comparing websites and tracking their strength time over time.

There’s various ways you can check the DA of your website. Even, there’s a Moz extension in Chrome and Mozilla that gives you the DA, PA and Link score of every website you visit.

how many backlinks do i need

Just add to the chrome, register your account and your simply good to go. Here’s the DA and PA of the famous news site CNN.

how many backlinks do i need

Well, that’s a free version, so you’re limited to certain features only. And, if you’re looking for more inside SEO tools, then purchasing their pack won’t hurt you much.

Here’s my website DA and PA extracted from another free tool smallseotools.

how many backlinks do i need

Page Rank

Every website is measured on the scale or value of 0-10. Well, PR0 website is considered as junk or clearly machine-written whereas PR10 is almost unheard. Almost all the popular and widely used website has the maximum Page Rank of 9.

how many backlinks do i need

Even, has the page rank of PR9. You can also check the page rank value of any website from Page Rank Checker.

how many backlinks do i need

Here’s the page rank value of one of the giant shopping site. Well, this was the variation, not every popular brand or companies has gained PR9.

So, one backlink from PR 9 can change the game. Whereas, PR3 page link is more than 10 times valuable than a PR2 page.

Now, you know the crucial component of backlink, what else are the other factors that help in making high-quality backlinks?

  • Google evaluates whether your link comes from the relevant source, on similar topic and touches the same general field of interest or not. So, always stay with relevancy.
  • Always go for the trusted source with high PageRank of its own and plenty of links from other relevant pages.
  • Google keeps an eye on relatively high traffic levels.
  • Proper use of anchor text, it should be closely matched to the page being linked to. For example, “football statistics” should go with football statistics not with “baseball statistics.”
  • Your link should come from various sources such as article directories, guest blogging, comments etc
  • Don’t go for paid backlinks. Google will know it and you can be penalized for using paid tools.

You will learn Backlinks today, but are you making these common SEO mistakes?

How many Backlinks Do I Need?

How many Backlinks do I need? Well, I have already answered this question in the very first paragraph. There’s no proper answer to this question, however, let’s look at what others have to say about “How many Backlinks Do I Need?”

Let’s begin with how many backlinks per day is safe? Here’s what blackhatworld’s member has to say.

how many backlinks do i need

Well, pretty right, we should focus on quality links rather than quantity. Let’s look at Moz forum, what they have to say about how many backlinks per day is safe?

how many backlinks do i need

I guess you’re clear with the question now.

Instead of thinking like, “I will go for 10 links per day”, go for one link.

My research concludes that 3-5 link per day is good. But, if I were you, I would have focused on high-quality articles and go for backlinks once a week.

Let’s look at “how many backlinks per month?” There’s hot discussion going on dumbseoquestions.

how many backlinks do i need

Hope, this will ease your queries for how many backlinks per month? Now, this is the final one, here what Mary has to say about how much backlinks do I need? From affilorama.

how many backlinks do i need

How to get Quality backlinks

So far, we can make the conclusion that backlinks for google ranking is important. But how to get quality backlinks? Don’t worry, it’s not that hard, here’s the quick guide for how to get quality backlinks.

Research your competitors

The first and important things you need to do is research your competitors. You need to have detailed information about them, what they do? how frequent they post an article? What are their keyword anchor text?, how they are ranking? and how many backlinks they are gaining?

There are so many other tools available in the market for doing competitor research such as:

how many backlinks do i need

Here are the depth guide and a case study that I made on link building tools.

Go for High-quality content

High-quality content is the key to your problems. Like, I have already stated, if you are an authoritative site, then whatever you release people will follow you. There have been several cases that the giants are following you.

For instance, the Huffington post covering your article or the Forbes?

Well, it’s not about the coverage, high-quality content has the insane power. Here’s an example of my own site. I managed to get into google rank 17 in just 9 minutes of my posting.

how many backlinks do i need

Trade Guest Blogs as other option

Guest Blogging plays a crucial role in gaining high-quality But what if you can trade guest blogs? Well, if you can build a good relationship with bloggers of your similar interest, then Trade guest blogs is kind of win-win-win situation. Learn more about it through an Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.

Don’t hesitate to go for Link Takedowns

If you encounter that some links are inappropriate to your site, then directly contact them and ask to remove the link. Well, there’s mere possibility to account such insulting request, but trying is worth, while you can build some relations too if you know how to approach them correctly.

Regularly update your blog with SEO content writing

Now, here’s the catch, regularly update your website. If you want to rank higher, then go for Pillar Page. Write high quality, engaging articles with in-depth knowledge of SEO Content Writing and your simply good on the race.

We’re almost at the end of how many backlinks do I need? Hope, I have been helpful in solving your queries. With this piece, do you really know how to get to the top of google without paying?”

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