How to Get to The Top of Google Without Paying?

by Anish Sah November 06, 2017

How to be first on google search? Well, that’s one of the knotty questions that I have heard for a longtime. With years of SEO practise, I can say that there’s no proper answer to How to get to the top of Google without paying.

However, there’s some guideline, steps, and procedure to follow. Upon which, Google first page guaranteed takes no time, and you don’t have to spend a penny.

Back in the day, it was pretty easy to be on the first page of google. The proper use of meta tags, title, and bunch of links, that’s it. Google was all yours. But, at the moment, things have changed and being to the top got tougher.

Not to worry, everything has its own way, and I’ve got your back.

With these rules and guidelines, you will learn how to get to the top of Google without paying a dime.

How to get to the first page of google for free in 24 hours?

Before directly jumping to how to get to the top of Google without paying, you need to understand how Google works and how it ranks the website. To clarify further, Google is a computer program that looks into its database relevant terms and matches the keywords specified by a user.

In other words, web pages are ranked in a particular hierarchy and which best match the user’s search term. So, to know how to get on google first page for free, you need to know the following rules.

#1 Google Rules

Over the years, Google has been investing millions of dollars to give the best result to its users. Remarkably, Google is smart, and it’s pretty hard to beat it.

When it comes to ranking, Google has its own set of rules, which clearly states the process of getting ranked.

Eliminating, the old SEO tactics, Google guidelines alerts that, upon manipulation, you can get penalised, loss of ranking and even get removed from its “index of the Web.”

However, Google reward with high rank and authority for the one who follows all these Google Webmaster Guidelines efficiently. Here are the few that I want you to know which ultimately guides you to how to get on the first page of google in 24 hours.

#2 Domain name

Before buying a domain, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Most importantly, finding the right domain with your targeted keyword can be a big shot. While ranking the web pages, Google thoroughly looks at the website, their domain name and search queries. If the search terms or related keywords is there in your domain, then the google will uplift the site.


For example, look at one of my client’s website.


His domain includes the keyword “Calorie Diet Plan.”

Now, look at the search result. All the long-tailed keyword have a good possibility to get ranked higher.

To get things easier for you, keywords including in the domain and focusing on long-tailed keywords can get your rank higher.

What if you are focusing on brand and has not included any relevant keywords in the domain?

Don’t worry; you still have good chance to be on the first page of google. You just need to include niche specific keywords in your URL structure. For example:

#3 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The solution for how to get to the top of Google without paying is simply Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you don’t know what it is, then it is the process of optimising a website so that it can reach out to huge mass through the help of various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The excellent practice of good SEO let your website to be on google first page guaranteed. SEO is all about proper SEO Content Writing whereas, there’s numerous factor to be considered to get in rank. Furthermore, there are various types of SEO.

The most common one is White Hat SEO which we generally, use. Whereas, there’s Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO, which I considered not to look at.

Similarly, White Hat SEO or SEO can be done in three ways:

  • On Page SEO: Optimisation of text, image and video content of the page
  • On-Site SEO: Organising the internal links to the targeted page
  • Off-Site SEO: In links to the relevant target page from other various platforms

#4 Focus on Top-quality Content, Services or Products

The secret ingredients to learn how to get on google first page for free is producing top-quality content, services or products. Yes, that’s right, like everyone else Google loves the quality and it will reward to those who will maintain the quality on its website.

Top quality contents are rewarded with natural organic search queries followed by natural backlinks. When the users find your services, product or website top-rated then they will reward you with a backlink. And this is the key to success.

Here’s the superb tip to get recommended from users:

Simply, published the high-quality article and nicely positioned the social share button.

Doing so, it will encourage your users to share it on social media sites and other various platforms. Well, this is the simplest way to get on google the first page without paying.

#5 Know Your Search Result

Another backdoor of how to get to the top of Google without paying is a search result. For that, you have to get along with Google Webmaster tools.

It’s not that hard to get associated with google webmaster tools. Few steps and you’re simply good to go. Go to search analytics in your webmaster tools and extract the data.

Here are the search analytics reports of my client newly built website.


Now, look at the Search queries, monthly volume search, CPC, Keyword Competition and its position.


You can see, I have circled three times, and I will explain why I did that and how it will help you to reach on google the first page. 2300 Calories meal plan keywords is in 3rd position. I can confirm that Google has already indexed my website.

Since it is in the third position, look at 2300 Calories only, it’s in 13th position. Whereas, 900 Calorie diet plan is in 30th position, while its impression is impressing.

The moral is, I can improve the site ranking by writing content for 900 Calorie Diet Plan.

How to get on Google First Page for Free?

I believe now you know “how to get to the top of Google without paying.” But, trust me your still not there. Just like, learning, reading and knowing things will never end, SEO is also a never-ending process.

Here are few other tips that will help to get you rank higher in no time.

#1 Mobile friendly

If you read my blog often, then you will know why I mentioned Mobile friendly here.

If you don’t know, then it’s simple, with the advanced technology, people have almost abandoned PCs and Laptops for search purpose.

In the scenario, concentrating on the mobile-friendly website will help you get high rank in google.

#2 Voice Search

Now, this can be pretty unique at this time, but this will be the next big thing in future. So, it’s better to keep an eye on voice search as well.

With the use of smartphones, google voice and apple SIRI, search market tends to move from text search to voice search. According to 2016 Internet Trends Report, it has been reported that voice search queries have risen 35 times more since the year 2008. 


#3 Improve Usability & Social Presence

To get rank fast and free, you need to improve the usability of your website.

There are so many things to consider, yet you need to stay away from the radar. Don’t over optimise your website, improve the quality and write for humans.

Likewise, increase the user’s experience, because they are everything and they can give you everything. Furthermore, avoid spam and remember to be relevant. 

Additionally, go social, don’t hesitate to share your content.

Use Twitter to drive insane traffic, whereas creating a unique video related to your keywords and share it on YouTube. Sometimes, videos appear at the top, and people love to watch things rather than read things. Additionally, there’s tons of social network such as Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, etc. from which you can get natural visitors.


If you are still here, then you’ve got the idea about how to get to the top of Google without paying. Try to get inside it, follow up the steps and google first page is guaranteed.

However, there are still loads of tips and guidelines to follow to rank better, but I’ll put an end to this. If you have any confusion regarding SEO, then feel free to contact me.

Share your experience and technique with us, and help each other to grow.

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