Top 10 Domain Authority Checker Tools [My Recommendation]

by Anish Sah December 17, 2017
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Well, the concept of Page Authority is on the verge of extinct and everyone keeps wondering about Domain Authority. Domain Authority is the next big thing and It has been pretty confirmed that to get higher rank, you need have high Domain Authority, followed by backlinks from high Domain Authority. So, in this article, I will be talking about Top 10 Domain Authority Checker Tools.

But before that, let’s begin with Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is simply a grade or score calculated that estimates the possibility for a website to rank on Google and other various search engines. Domain Authority Checker is a web metric developed by the famous Moz. Domain Authority is calculated on the scale of 0-100, whereas the higher score signifies the quality of the website.

A website with high Domain Authority has the high ability and capacity to rank well on various Search Engines. Many new bloggers and website owner are pretty confused between the terms Domain Authority and Page Authority. However, these both are different. I have stated nicely about Page Authority and Domain Authority in my article “How to create Pillar Page”.

Domain Authority Checker tools in 2018

Domain Authority checker simply calculates the strength of an entire website. There’s lot of Domain Authority checker tools that gives the comprehensive details of the website.

However, what I have found that many bloggers and webmasters don’t have any idea about these free Domain Authority checker tools.

So, to ease the pain, here’s the list of free domain authority checker tools that I will be discussing. And once, you know your website Domain Authority score, it will be pretty easy to move further and increase it by improving overall site SEO score.

  1. Domain Authority Checker – Open Site Explorer
  2. Domain Authority Checker Moz
  3. Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools
  4. Domain Authority Checker – SEORankSmart
  5. Website Authority Checker – SEO Review Tools
  6. Domain Authority Checker – Moonsy
  7. Bulk Domain Authority Checker
  8. Bulk Domain Authority Checker – RobinGupta
  9. Bulk DA, PA & IP Checker – SEOWEATHER
  10. Website Analyzer

So, let’s start with number one. But wait, do you know “how to get to the top of Google without paying”.

1. Domain Authority Checker – Open Site Explorer

Domain Authority Checker has always been easy with Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer is an amazing and free tool developed by Moz itself.

It is one of the most useful and important SEO tools that you must not ignore. The great thing about Open Site Explorer is, it allows you to check Domain Authority and Page Authority with just one click.

Open Site Explorer provides you detailed information about the inbound links to your page, subdomain and root domain.

Whereas, there is a limitation for guest users and allowed to view only three reports per day. Well, there’s a solution, unlimited Domain Authority checker can be accessed with the simple sign up from free Moz account.

Well, there’s a pro version as well which will give access to other amazing metrics. You can start free 30-day trial but at the end, you will have to pay well to Moz.

However, every single detail from the Moz account are worth. But, if you want to stick with the free version, that’s also fine. Well, I’m using the free version and I don’t have any complaint about it.

Here’s the preview of my website from Domain Authority Checker – Open Site Explorer.


2. Domain Authority Checker Moz toolbar

Well, I have just described Open Site Explorer by Moz. Well, it was easy to use, but here’s another Domain Authority Checker Moz tool that is simply outstanding. You just don’t need to anything and you’ll have all the information you need.

Domain Authority Checker Moz toolbar is free, you can download it from Chrome Web Store. Here’s what you need to do, just click on to add to Chrome and you are good to go.


Well, it’s pretty easy to install right. So, how do you perform the search of your website or any website? Once, you install the extension, it’s better to register with your email account. And whenever you search for something, it will give you the DA and PA of the website.


It’s pretty easy right, the next amazing thing about Domain Authority Moz toolbar is, it will show the PA and DA of every website that you search on search engines like google. Here’s the preview for the keyword “pillar page example” on google.


Domain Authority Checker Moz toolbar gives the PA & DA of every search term. Well, my website ranks 7 and it’s on the very first page of the google. Well, not exaggerating but you can be at the top of google if you can fix to avoid these “Common SEO Mistakes”.

Well, if you just want the PA & DA of the website you’re looking, then Domain Authority Checker Moz is the best tool for you.

3. Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools

After the Domain Authority Checker Moz, this is another tool that is gaining a huge audience. Well, I personally use Small SEO tools to check plagiarism. Whereas, there are other various tools that you can use including Domain Authority Checker.


The great things about this free tool is, it also works as bulk domain authority checker. You can see the result up to 50 domains in a single click.

4. Domain Authority Checker – SEORankSmart

SEO Rank Smart is another free domain authority checker tools, which gives you the details about DA and PA in a single click. You can enter up to 5 URL per session. Whereas, you can also check Bulk Outbound Link, Bulk IP checker, Reciprocal link and other useful stuff from this tools.


SEO Rank Smart has the simplest and friendly user interface. Well, this might be the reason, it has been favorite of many bloggers and website owners.



5. Website Authority Checker – SEO Review Tools

Website Authority Checker by the famous SEO Review Tools is a marvelous free tool that allows you to quickly check the website Domain Authority and Page Authority.

This tool is completely free and it is very easy to use. You can use this tools without any limitation and there’s no hassle at all.

SEO Review Tools is one of the best Domain Authority Checker tool available in the market. It allows you to check DA, PA and Social Share with just one click.

Besides, it also gives you the details about your website age followed by External links coming towards your domain and page.


6. Domain Authority Checker – Moonsy

Moonsy is another great free tool that gives comprehensive details about DA and PA. Moonsy is simple and easy to use. To make it more simple and realistic, you don’t even have to prove that your human. In another word, there’s no captcha and check robot things. You can get the instant result in just one click.

7. Bulk Domain Authority Checker

Bulk Domain Authority Checker is one of the hassle-free tools. Well, the name itself is enough to give you detail bulk result. You can enter up to 25 URL at one time. If you are working in the similar field, then the use of this tools can save a lot of time.

This tool does not require any sign-up and has a very simple user interface.

To use this tool, simply enter the desire URLs (one URL per line) and your good to go. Besides, you can also check Alexa Rank, Social Popularity, Bulk Index etc from this tool. Likewise, this tools give you the option to save your result in CSV format.


8. Bulk Domain Authority Checker – RobinGupta

Bulk Domain Authority Checker is designed by Robin Gupta. Robin Gupta serves himself as an SEO expert and Social Media Management specialist. With years of SEO knowledge, he has come up with own SEO tools.

Bulk Domain Authority Checker is one of the many tools by Robin Gupta. This tools also work like the other tools and uses the same metrics. This tool allows you to enter up to 25 URL at a time. If you need to get more result, then this tool can also be a good option for you.



9. Bulk DA, PA & IP Checker – SEOWEATHER

Bulk DA, PA & IP Checker by SEOWEATHER is one of the competitive tools. Just like other, this tool is also very easy to use. You just need to enter your domain and click on Go Fetch button and you can have your result all ready.

You can check the DA & PA of 25 URLs at one time. However, you have to enter only one Domain per line.


10. Website Analyzer

Last but not the least, Website Analyzer is one of the great tools that gives you lot of information about your website. And the great things about this tool is, it’s completely free. You don’t need to sign up or register, just put your domain name and you will be amazed at the results.

Well, this is one of my favorites as it gives almost everything. Besides, DA & PA, you can check Content Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Tag/Keyword Cloud, Accessibility and Optimization Check of your website.



Well, you might be wondering where is the DA & PA. Well, here it is. This tool gives a lot of information and it was quite hard for me to screenshot every detail at a time.


Well, that was the end of Domain Authority Checker Tools, but that’s not the end. There’s lot more to know when it comes to ranking and domain authority.

Well, so far you have understood that Google has already outranked Page Rank. However, Google has been focusing more on Domain Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Spam Score. Don’t be surprised with the new word Citation Flow and Trust Flow, I will explain what it is and why I linked these terms with Domain Authority.

So, let’s begin with Citation Flow but before that, you might be interested in “Link Building Site List”.

Bonus #1: Citation Flow Checker

I will let you know where to go for Citation Flow Checker before that let me answer what is Citation Flow? In a simple word, Citation Flow refers to the popularity of a link in a site without considering of these links. To make it more clear, let’s take an example of a porn site. They have very high CF, however, these links are not counted as qualitative.

Bonus #2: Trust Flow Checker

Trust Flow is the metric that analyzes how trustworthy a site is by measuring its quality. Trust Flow is all about quality of the website. If a link pointing to your website is authoritative and qualitative, then there’s likely to increase your trust flow. Well, building a trust or quality is quite hard. So, CF is always higher than TF.

No matter how good and qualitative linking strategy you adopt, there’s always a directory and other sorts of backlinks that are not very qualitative. Well, that link is measured by spam score.

Bonus #3: Bulk Trust Flow and Citation Flow Checker Tool

Before moving towards Bulk Trust Flow and Citation Flow Checker tool, you need to know how these two interact with each other. Well, now you know what is Citation Flow Checker and Trust Flow Checker but what is the good ratio between CF and TF? How to optimize the overall trust of a site?

Well, it’s simple you just need to balance these two elements. For instance, if a CF has 20 and your TF is 40, then the ratio will be 1:2. The highest ratio is 0:9 and even Google has 98:99.

The best competitive ratio seems to be 1. Whereas, average trust to CF ratio should be 0.50. Additionally, you should know that high ratio will be delivered to an authoritative and trustworthy website. Besides, if a website has a CF higher than a TF, then there’s no doubt that the website has a bunch of low-quality links.

So how do you check it?

First of all, just go to and type your required URL. You need to sign up to get the detailed report. Just fill up your name, email address and confirm the password, and you can check the Citation Flow and Trust Flow of your website.


Bonus #4: Spam Score Checker

Spam Score tells a lot about your website. If your website has more irrelevant links, then there’s good chance that you will get penalized. The lowest the spam score, the greater the chances to rank higher.

There’s a lot of tools available in the market to check Spam Score. I personally go to Website SEO Checker. This free tool is pretty simple to use. Just enter your website URL and your simply good to go. Here’s the Spam Score of my own website.


At Last

Well, we have come to the end of this article. Along with Top 10 Domain Authority Checker tools, I believe you have learned few more new things. The overall objective of this article to ease your thirst about Domain Authority. If you have any question regarding any of the terms, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to serve you. Till then, Happy Blogging!!!


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