SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners [ A Complete Guide ]

by Anish Sah January 14, 2018
Content Writing Tips for Beginners- Earn with anish

Content is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline – Jay Baer. Well, this isn’t just a statement; it is a true fact too! Your content or your words represent your company voice, brand and/or your own perspective. If it’s not good enough, you aren’t going to create a value. If you’re new to content writing, then these content writing tips for beginners can help you make your way out!

You’re not the only one facing utmost problems in SEO content writing; a lot of beginners often get stuck. Even, I had to face many difficulties at first, and I still do.

Here’s a quick links of the topics that we are going to discuss.

1.Introduction to Content Writing

2.8 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

3.Basic Rules of Content Writing (Bonus Tips)

Now, let’s dig in with the basic introduction to Content Writing.

Introduction to Content Writing

SEO Content Writing is not difficult, but in fact, it’s kind of tricky. You might have a general assumption that writing has no boundaries and it’s a continuous flow of words. You’re not wrong, but it takes lots of practice to be successful in SEO content writing.

This is content writing tips for beginners, so I’ll try to make it as simple as possible by breaking down the terms SEO Content Writing.

  • SEO: It stands for Search Engine Optimization; a process of optimizing a website so that it can reach to the right people via various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Content: It refers to the piece of information that we put on the web and can be consumed on the web.
  • Writing: Writing here refers to the methods, tips, tricks and strategies followed for better ranking on search engines.

Now, if we put all things together, then SEO content writing is the concept followed in order to get huge traffic to your blog or website. In general words, SEO content writing is all it takes to make your voice heard. Besides, this is the ultimate content writing tips for beginners that you need to remember for a long time.


If you want to know to know more, then visit my comprehensive guide to SEO Content Writing. Here’s what you will find in my complete guide.

  • What is SEO Content Writing?
  • Types of SEO Content?
  • How to Write SEO Content?
  • Should we go to the SEO Content Writing Services?
  • How about Content Writing Software?

 8 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Since you know little about SEO content writing, let’s focus more on content writing tutorials for beginners. Stick with me until the end, you will find some relief that you come across my site. Besides, you will build some confidence to write your first content.

1. Research

If you’re wondering how to get to the top of Google without paying, then let me tell you; focusing more on producing a well researched content that creates value will take you to the top!

That’s right!

You need to be master in writing about something that delivers value to your audience. So, among all the content writing tips for beginners that I’ll be talking about today, “Research” is the first and the most important one!

Since you are on the verge of writing your first content, make sure you focus on micro-niche content. Niche is in general word is a sector and micro-niche is simply sub-sector.

Now think,

What is the difference between writing about “food” and writing about “Pizza”? Will writing about “Pizza” give you more traffic or writing about “food”?

Still guessing…?


I’m sure you can’t be 100% sure of what you choose!

So, here’s exactly where Keyword Research comes into play. So, if you can track down the exact keyword that people are searching on Google, and make use of the same keyword in your article in a natural way, you’re already one step closer to creating something valuable.

To make your keyword research somewhat easy, I’d recommend you the use of these 4 tools:

#1 Keyword Everywhere

This is a free Chrome extension, which I fell is simple and effective. Whatever, you search on Google, it gives you a rough estimate of the search volume, competition, and the CPC of the searched terms.

Just click on the “Added to Chrome” button and you’re good to go.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 1

This is something you’ll see after installing Keyword Everywhere successfully.

 Content Writing Tips for Beginners 2

#2 Google Keyword Planner

It’s the comprehensive keyword searching tools developed by the google itself. You can go to keyword Planner, sign in with your Gmail account and search your queries.

This tool is used to get keyword ideas as well. Here’s the result from Keyword Planner for the term SEO Content Writing.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 3

#3 Semrush

Semrush is another famous tool used for not only keyword research but also for a lot of SEO requirements too i.e. backlinks, competitor’s keywords, link analysis and many more.

I often use this tool for website analysis and keyword research.

You can do more than this if you go for premium access. Since I’m more focused on content writing tips for beginners, the free version of semrush will just do fine. However, you need to get registered before using their tools.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 4

#4 Google Search

Yes, you heard it right. Google always suggest related keywords to your search queries.

When you search any term on Google, it will show the relevant keywords at the bottom of the site. If you have install keyword everywhere, then with every search, you can see the details of relevant keywords.

I simply search the term “Content Writing Tutorials for Beginners” and there’s suggested keywords at the bottom of the page.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 5

2. Plan Your Content

Next important content writing tips for beginners is planning.

The enthusiastic and spectacular content takes a lot of timing and proper planning. Just like an artist sees the whole picture before painting it into the Canvas, the writer should know how it will go before writing one sentence.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 6

Here’s an example of how I planned to write this article (The one that you’re reading now!).

These are the keywords that I extracted using the above-mentioned tools (keyword everywhere, keyword planner, semrush and google search).

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 7

Besides, the numbers 1100 & 100 after the keywords are my estimated words for that particular section. Likewise, another digit 15 after content writing tips for beginners is keyword frequency. Keyword frequency is the repetition of keywords in this article.

NOTE: There’s no formula to determine exactly the no. of times a particular keyword should be used in an article. You must use the keywords as naturally as possible without making it look like keyword stuffing.

Now, here’s the second phase of planning for this content.

After the depth keyword research, I went for topic, sub-topic and the things that I will be highlighting in this article.

You can see, I have focused more on “Content writing tips for beginners”. It’s because it’s the focus keyword for this article. Whereas, “Basic rules of content writing” is my secondary or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

That was a rough draft of my article, but how about the final piece that you are reading right now? Does it look nice? You can share your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

3. Make it Original

It’s simple; Google isn’t going to reward you for a duplicate content. However, you can use other articles as a reference.

For example, who do you prefer for acting Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp?

Well, they both are in Hollywood and is well known for similar roles like romance, action, thriller and many more. But, it’s hard to choose because they kind of give originality to every work they play.

How about the breaking news cover by BBC and CNN? The news and its core meaning are pretty much the same. However, individual presentations make it more original and more authentic.

Here’s one more quick content writing tips for beginners:

Take the reference from the web but write it in your own words. Never copy and paste, that way you will develop some originality. Besides, you will know how to add extra flavor to the piece that has already been written by someone.

4. Define your Audience

Now, this one is pretty important content writing tips for beginners. You can create some really good content if you know your audience.

Just for an instance;

You’re writing something for a mom who loves to work from home. It’s obvious, all the mom who is working from home might like your article. But what about the mom who is working in the office?

And, what about the article that suits both kinds of mom? Did you gain more audience? Now you do the math.

So, how do you define and determine your audience? Look for the following tips,

  • Reader Personas: It’s quite important to know about audience personas. After all, it’s all about audience age, financial status, geographical location, interest, behavior, income, goals, aims and many more.
  • Google Analytics & Social Media: If you are into content writing, then the use of Google Analytics and other social media tools is a must. Along with analytics, social media tools such as Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and other social activity tracker tools like FollowerWonkBuzzsumoCoScheduleBuffer, & HootSuite can give you huge details about your audience.
  • The survey, Feedbacks and Direct Talk: The survey including several questions, taking feedbacks and if necessary direct talk with your audience about your content helps to know and determine the targeted audience.

 5. Don’t go far from Relevancy

Here’s a one more content writing tips for beginners, just stick with the relevancy.

“Relevance is a search engine’s holy grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.” – Marc Ostrofsky

Yes, that’s right relevancy is everything. Nobody wants to see the content related to the vehicle in health-related sites. You can’t write everything under one niche. That’s really bad practice of SEO content writing.

Besides, Google loves relevancy.

For instance:

I searched for the term “Content writing tips for beginners” and at the end, it suggested the related search terms. I guess you now know; how important relevancy is.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 9

Well, I have already listed this as the alternative search method for the keywords. Take this as a reminder.

6. Visualise your content

What do you think of the content that only has plain text? Wouldn’t that be pretty boring?

Exactly, visualization makes your content attractive and more readable. That’s why it is another essential content writing tips for beginners.

There are various ways through which you can visualize your content. Videos, pictures, infographics, Slideshows etc. are some of the ways of visualizing your content.

Besides, you can use visual content more cleverly to explain things. For example:

Content Writing Tips for Beginners 10

This is the picture that I used in “how many backlinks do I need?”

The picture simply answered the topic question. Whereas, it worked as a visual piece of information.

That was a smart move, wasn’t it?

7. Sub Headings

What if your content has all the information in the same format? From top to bottom, there’s only one heading, and everything has been explained under it.

No matter how engaging your content is, audience rarely like this kind of content. You have to organize your content and that’s where sub-headings come in.

Remember this content writing tips for beginners, every article must have at least one or two sub-headings. Additionally, if there’s more break it down, follow the series h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6.

Now here’s the secret

The use of keywords in heading and subheadings will help you to rank your article.

Look at my latest article 10 Secret LinkedIn Background Photo Tips to Engage Your Audience.

Content Writing Tips For Beginners 11

Linkedin Background Photo Template is an LSI keyword and I used this keyword as a subheading. Following every tip that I have mentioned here, the article is in 5th position on the first page of google.

Content Writing Tips For Beginners 12

8. Make use of short Paragraphs

The engaging content should be attractive and readable from every perspective. Don’t go for the long text where users usually lost into words and had to re-read from the top.

Your paragraph should be short enough and should be to the point. Additionally, try to avoid hard and complicated words. As they make the readers confuse and sometimes mislead them in understanding overall theme of the content.

Today, we learn some of the cool content writing tips for beginners.

Content Writing Tips For Beginners 13

If you are still with me, I’m sure you have built up enough confidence to write your first content.

But wait, there’s more.

Before discussing the basic rules of content writing, do you know “getting your website to the top of Google” is as easy as ordering a pizza?

Basic Rules of Content Writing (Bonus Tips)

Coming to this far, you learn some of the basic content writing tips for beginners. Now, here’s the real gem. The basic rules of content writing, it’s all you need to know to make your first move.

#1 The secret to creating a topic

By this point, you know how to search for keywords. But what about the topic? Trust me, this is a really tricky part.

But here’s the simple secret:

Once you know the keywords, just search them on the search engines. Whereas, open at least 5 to 6 web pages and you will know how to make one.

For instance, here’s some of the topic for the keywords “Content writing tips for beginners”.

Content Writing Tips For Beginners 13

Look at all the title, they all are different right. However, they all are related to the term “Content writing tips for beginners”.

Also, go for the Just put your keywords on the website and it will show you some cool topics to use.

Likewise, you can always use power words like Amazing, Eye-opening, Surprising, Stunning, Staggering etc. at the starting of your topic.

#2 Title & Meta Tag

The title is the first impression of your article and website.

So, make it short and attractive. Besides, the title appears in three key places: browsers, search engines and external sites including Facebook or Twitter. The basic rules of content writing while creating your topic title is to let Google know about your overall content.

Make sure, you use your focus keyword in your title. Whereas, your title should be in between 50-60 character.

Furthermore, you can always use power words to make your title more interesting and clickable.

Additionally, you shouldn’t miss to include Meta tag. The meta tag is generally the text that is shown below your title in any search engines.

Your Meta tag should not be more than 150-characters long. Equally, it’s better to include at least one or two keywords on it.

#3 Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is the next basic rules of content writing. The proper placement of the keywords can boost your article to a new height.

Try to include one focus or primary keyword in the first 0-50 words of the article.

Also, repeat primary and secondary keywords two to three times throughout the article.

However, keyword frequency is dependent upon the total word or length of an article. Besides, there’s particularly no formulae to determine keyword frequency.

Similarly, bold the primary or focus keyword, underline the secondary keywords and make italicize the tertiary keywords.

#4 Image Optimization

If you want to rank your website and content on the first page of Google, then you must know how to do image optimization. Now, that’s one of the necessary basic rules of content writing.

Add at least more than two images throughout your article. Image optimization can be done by adding the alt text, and caption with primary and secondary keywords.

#5 Interlink & External Link

Use useful links in your content wherever possible. It gives users more option to know more about your content. Using keywords and interlinking them with your previous post is pretty much essential for SEO and great ranking.

Likewise, if you have included some stats, survey, reports and important information from other blogs, give them an external link with relevant anchor text. You have to make sure that whatever the reports you have mentioned in your content comes from the authentic websites.

#6 Dictionary and Thesaurus

The use of and in your writing not only increase your word power, but it also makes your article more attractive.

What if you include the general words such as nice, good, great, simply etc on every sentence? That certainly makes your article more than simple and understandable. But don’t you think, it can also create some irritating impression on readers?

Similarly, go for the free tools such as Grammarly. It somehow helps to correct your grammatical mistakes.

#7 Avoid content writing software

If you ever come across any software that promises to deliver high-quality content with just one click, then don’t fall for it.

There’s tons of content writing tools and software that simply rewrites the whole article by switching the words. But believe me, nothing can beat the human creativity and intelligence. There’s always some significant difference between machine wrote and human written content.

If you still want me to list some content writing software, then here’s the list.


It takes a lot of time to be a creative writer. As people usually say, “Practice makes man perfect”, everything will come in good shape after regular practice. Now, it’s your sole decision whether to keep trying or sit back and regret.

I Hope, this content writing tips for beginners clear your thirst for writing. Whereas I believe, it certainly motivates to write your first content.

If you feel any problem with any information above, don’t hesitate to write it in the comment section. Feel free to mail me with the above subject matter. Till then Happy Writing!!!

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