10 Simple SEO Fixes That Can Boost Your Ranking Today!

by Anish Sah November 03, 2017
Common SEO Mistakes

Built the website with great enthusiasm but depressed with the unsatisfied result? Trust me, I’ve been into that, and I can personally feel you.

You searched the entire Google with your keywords and it didn’t show up. Despite of continuous work and great website, you’re still far away from your goal. So, what did you miss? Where did you fail, and are you making Common SEO Mistakes?

In order to get the best results, you should be best on search rankings, while you should invest into long-term SEO Strategy. Getting your website to the top of google can be easy, yet takes lot of times. However, understanding that Google holds 77.43 % of the search traffic, quick SEO Fixes can bring you on the right track.

I will be discussing about SEO fixes but before that, let’s know more about Common SEO Mistakes and how you can eliminate it for better ranking.

What are the common SEO Mistakes?

SEO Google Ranking deals with numerous factors. Being concerned about better ranking in the search engines, you have to be careful enough, in not making these common SEO Mistakes.

1. Improper Keyword Usage

Keywords research is the soul of the content. However, this is also the most common SEO Mistakes we often made. So, proper Keyword Research is the key to success.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Previously, I had the misconception of using keywords too many times, thinking that it would change the fate of my website. Whereas, the act lead to keyword stuffing which in other hand affected my google ranking.

3. Irrelevant Content

Putting the content related to Travel, into Gaming website is purely irrelevant. What do you think?

4. Non-original Content

Now, this is the one of the silliest and common SEO mistakes that you might be unknowingly into. Always, be original.

5. Skipping Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Many of us might not know about it, don’t worry I will cover this up below. But skipping this section is also regarded as common SEO Mistakes.

6. Backlinks

You won’t be reaching anywhere without backlinks.

Top 10 SEO Fixes for Better Ranking

Now, you know what the common SEO Mistakes are and you might be already thinking of fixing it. Don’t hurry up, learn more about SEO Fixes.

1. Title Tag

When it comes to SEO Content writing, many don’t get its significance. The impressive Title attracts you to click on the link naturally, and it’s one of the most important part of the on-page SEO. Furthermore, it’s also the name of the result that are listed or displayed in the search engines list. Here’s the few quick SEO fixes that you can implement to get on the track.

Rule 1: Keyword in title character (50-60) i.e. Acne face map: what your pimples are telling about you.

Rule 2: Try to start your title with the keyword (as much as possible)

Rule 3: Try to mix two keywords in title, not necessary but it will be the best.

Rule 4: Avoid stop words such as the, and etc. in title.

Rule 5: Use Power Word such as Awesome, fact, best etc. in title

2. Headings

Many of us might not be familiar with the headings but it is another important on-page SEO factor. Though, we are writing for humans, but we need to impress google and other search engines for the higher ranking. In order to do so, Headings (Especially subheadings i.e. h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) are specially used to tell google what’s coming next. Besides, the use of headings makes the article pretty presentable and gives user friendly experience. And, if you’re wondering what’s h1 then it’s the title of your content, which we have already discussed above. Above all, there’s still more, here’s the few quick headings SEO fixes.


Rule 1: There must be at least 3-4 subheadings in the articles. If not, segregate the articles and use it that will be a big SEO win.

Rule 2: Headings must be followed by your topics, subtopics, Description and Paragraphs.

Rule 3: Use your focus keywords as subheadings.

3. Meta Description & Alt Text

Meta Description is usually the descriptive text that appears beneath the title or headings in search results. Nothing to be afraid of the huge word Meta, however it is the proven fact that proper meta description attracts more visitor. Which ultimately helps to improve SEO Google ranking.


  • Meta Description should be attractive and tends to solve the user’s problem.
  • Whereas, including one to two focus keywords in the meta description is the best practise.
  • Note, you shouldn’t exceed more than 150 character.

Likewise, Alt text is for your content images. Since, google cannot read the image, it’s our duty to let google know about your content through alt text. Besides, Informative articles contain number of images while keyword-rich alt text improves SEO google ranking. Some SEO Fixes with alt text:


  • Keep your text short
  • Be descriptive with alt text, don’t exaggerate (it’s also helpful for disabled visitors)
  • Alt text should contain keywords, however don’t make yourself looks spammy.

4. Introduction & Body Part

You have got the idea about headings and title tag, but what about the rest of the body? In order to get rank better, we have to acknowledge the every aspect of SEO Content Writing. Whereas, we should avoid these common SEO mistakes that we make while writing the article. So, here’s the quick SEO fixes:

Rule 1: Make use of “I” and “You” to make the articles communicative

Rule 2: Introduction should define about user problems (1 to 2 line), give assurance as well

Rule 3: Write Brief about the full article

Rule 4: Focus keyword should be there in 50 words of the introduction.

Rule 5: keyword repetition from 4-5 times and bold them

Rule 6: Conclusion (150 to 200 words) and use one keyword at the end of your article.

Rule 7: Use thesaurus.com for wordplay.

5. Fix URL issues

Among the several common SEO mistakes, not finalising the URL can be dangerous. SEO guru insist in putting at least one keyword in URL of your content. Whereas, here’s the quick SEO fixes to improve your google ranking.

  • The URL of your content should be fewer than 60 characters.
  • Avoid “Stop” words such as “and”, “or”, “of”, etc in the URL.
  • Include one keyword and try to keep your URL short & Descriptive.

Besides, you should keep your eyes on in your webmaster tools. Continuously check whether you are having any issues with content URL.

Go to Crawl section in your webmaster tools and see if there’s any issues on Fetch as Google.


Google will notify you if you have any errors with your link. Whereas, the “Request Indexing” is the quick SEO fixes for the broken or 404 URL errors.


6. Links and Backlinks

Now, here’s the catch. Your article must be very informative and should be in descriptive order. You should include several links to other sites having high domain authority as it shows your good with information and is your information comes from the high quality websites. In the other hand, you should include links that redirect to another part of your website. Interlinking, that’s the term, make a good use of it and you increase your visitor along with improved bounce rate.

With the interlink and external link, there’s one more link you should be concerned about for getting your website to the top of google. And that is backlinks. I have been more specific about backlinks in Link Building Tools – Updated 2017.

7. Time to go for Mobile

Since, the whole world is changing, time has come to change your system as well. By system, I hereby mean the shape and size of your website. With the rise of smartphones, technology has nicely bypass the use of Desktop and laptops for web surfing. In the scenario, your website should look exactly the same in mobile as it will look in desktop version.



Website surf in Mobile. If you don’t get this type of interface, then contact your web developer and get into the track with this SEO fixes.

8. Add Related Suggestions

With the above common SEO mistakes and SEO fixes, you get the idea about overall content writing. But, there are other several ways to promote your website and get better result. Adding related suggestions, topic or the option “You May Also Like This” at the end of your content can increase the traffic of your website. If the written content is interesting and informative, then there’s a good probability that they will fall into “Add Related Suggestions” and increase your traffic.

SEO Fixes8

9. Easy Sharing

Easy sharing simply states the social signals. There’s a good correlation between social sharing and higher search engines. Though, google does not count social signals while determining the SEO google ranking. However, it does crawl into twitter and Facebook. Whereas, easy sharing and the viral content all over the social networks definitely put weight on your content. So, focus on easing social share.


  • Add social share buttons to your blog.
  • Ask your visitors to share your content
  • Post your content on multiple social networks

10. Submit the Sitemap

To win the internet game, you should be more focus on Google search engines. However, you shouldn’t forget that there are other search engines as well, and you can’t completely ignore them. Yahoo and Bing are the other popular search engines which gives good amount of traffic, if you know how to play with them. But for now, submit the sitemap into Google webmaster tools, and Bing webmaster tools (Yahoo and Bing).

For Google SitemapSEO_Fixes10


Yahoo and Bing Sitemap



Getting your Website to the Top of Google

Now, you know what are your common SEO mistakes and how to fix them. But, how to get on google first page for free? Well, the answer lies above, however here are some bonus point for you.

Transfer to WordPress and install Yoast

The huge population follow WordPress as their website platform and the good news is it’s pretty easy to use it. If you are using other platform, then you might certainly want to get into WordPress. As it has numerous benefits to go for. Most importantly, it has SEO plugins called Yoast which will take care most of your SEO work in a minute. The extensive plugins cover your focus keywords, let you enter the descriptive meta tag, comprehensive title tag and many other services. If you go premium, then there’s whole lot of cool features to use which will help you to improve your SEO google ranking.

Write for humans first

No matter what are the rules are, you must know that you are writing for humans. So, try to give human touch in your article while there’s a bunch of things to do google and google bot. With the right practice over the time, you will know how to maintain SEO in the article, but if you forget to give human touch. Then, you will end up being spammy and low on rankings.

Keep Blogging

Another tips to stay on the track and improve google SEO ranking is keep blogging. Try to update your website in a daily basis, as google rewards the website with regular and engaging content.

Final Words

Here, we are at the end of the article, no matter where you stand, I guess there’s always a room for improvement. Yes, we are humans and we tend to do some common SEO mistakes, but it’s just the continuous work right. With the right SEO fixes, you can get back into the race in no time.

If you are aware of these things, value your asset but don’t have time to get into it? Then you must find an SEO expert or SEO writing services who have extensive knowledge of SEO and take care of your asset as their own.

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