3 Most Incredible Twitter Marketing Tools For Marketers

by Anish Sah March 17, 2017
twitter tools for marketers

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Let’s face it!

Twitter is not merely a social marketing tool to let you inform your buddies on what you really are carrying out and what exactly are you are pondering, but it could also be a powerful tool to market your products or services or maybe your enterprise.

Believe it or not, Just one tweet can be sent to thousands of people in just one click, it indeed is an easy way to create a trend or buzz.

At the time I didn’t knew how to make a person to follow me, however I knew that If I use Social media to promote my products or services many people from the social media will notice it.

I read at someplace that folks would follow you, if you follow them.

For that initial few days or so I followed everybody that I could follow. It really works! I started out acquiring a lot of followers!

But common, it’s really hard to do this on a daily basis; it’s tiring and need lots of patience.

So, I spent some time researching on net to find the greatest tools that could automate my efforts and here are the top 3 twitter marketing tools that found and I used myself.

You can use this info and select the best one for you according to your needs. Please comment what’s your Favourite tool(s).

1. Tweepi

Tweepi is really a tool that may help you handle your Twitter followers, and grow your followers quicker. And those followers are genuine and targeted if you are using the tool properly.

Tweepi makes it much simpler for me personally to locate my targeted consumers and make them follow me, and interacting with them later on. In addition, this tool has helped me increase my productivity by 10x.

Follow very relevant customers

Marketers should be able to find customers by their niche, full name, company name, area etc. Customers can just enter in query and Tweepi will display a list of relevant users to follow.

Unfollow undesirable customers

If you can find spammers that are following your account, Tweepi may be used to unfollow those who do not increase the value of the timeline.

Reciprocate and follow relevant consumers

Normally it takes some serious time to discover all the users presently not followed, though with Tweepi, consumers can simply identify them and follow them back in a timely manner.

Unfollow inactive users

There are variety of Twitter users that fail to take part in conversation and never retweet any person or follow you back. The “Cleanup” tool will tile these accounts and permit them to be unfollowed.

Make unwanted consumers to unfollow you

These unwanted customers with improper avatars turning up on a list could be eradicated by filtering individuals out and forcing them to unfollow you.

2. Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter is a Twitter control tool that allows you to:

  • Cleanup and manage the person you follow.
  • Discover who is not following you back again.
  • Discover which inactive accounts you follow.
  • Very easily search inside your Twitter account.
  • Link Google Plus to your account.

ManageFlitter has a great organizing feature that can optimize posting times known as PowerPost. One of the best features is the ability to successfully search Twitter to find the exact targeted followers.

Stats tracking can be purchased in the Premium and Business accounts and gives some great advice about your Tweets as well as your engagement with followers.

I personally found ManageFlitter as one of the excellent tools for cleaning up your Twitter account. You can bulk unfollow people who are not following you, don’t provide an image, never communicate and much more. Excellent tool!

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is surely an app that is certainly made available for pc which will help you to improve your social media following and followers.

The totally free edition or version allows you to configure up to 2 accounts, I myself has set Instagram and Twitter on my own account.

And guess what! Every day 15-30minutes I use this to get more targeted followers and also the cleaning up activities.


#1: Make it a routine to follow 100 to 300 folks every day.

Which could seem like a great deal but you’ll find that only 10-20Percent will actually follow you. You are then likely to be unfollowing those that never follow you.

By the way, I figured out this plan from none other than blogging genius Neil Patel. Should you haven’t been aware of Neil you need to! He is an outstanding Internet marketing specialist and a millionaire. Read more on Neil at. (http://www.quicksprout.com/about/)

#2: Use Crowdfire’s Backup Followers and Keyword Follow

One of the best things about Crowdfire is you can examine and follow those who follow particular users. I could examine any Twitter or Instagram consumer and scroll by means of their followers.

#3 Non-active Followers

Why would you like to follow an account that has not been productive for six months? I don’t. I use the feature in Crowdfire to unfollow these users. The kind of customer I wish to draw in to our own enterprise possibly tweets more often within a month. If at all you follow many people than you actually have followers, then this feature can help you reduce the proportion right down to something that is desirable.

#4: Use The Blacklist Switch

Once you’ve filtered with either the Copy Followers or Keyword Follow choices and you’re scrolling through the results you will locate some accounts which are clearly the ones you will never wish to follow.

#5: Unfollow Slowly

Don’t unfollow individuals straight away. Allow them to have couple of days to a week to follow you.


These are 3 greatest tools I found on the market and utilised, improved my targeted twitter followers by using them.

Use twitter smartly, usually do not tweet only about your company, put some terrific quote, articles, videos, great video clips and something similar. Make sure you always give some valuable info that your followers may feel interesting, the basic idea is to engage your targeted audience.

Please comment with your favourite tool that you have been using and we would love to hear your story.

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