Need a Perfect Plan For Starting Your Authority Site? Anish Can Help! 

My 28-Day Challenge is the Solution to Information Overload!

By Following the EXACT steps I outline for each day in the Daily Workbook, you will build your very own valuable, profitble authority site.

No more guesswork about what to do next. No more waiting and waiting to take action. You get real, actionable information you can use right away.

It will take you less than two hours each day to follow the simple instructions in the workbook. You can even miss a day or two, come back and pick up right where you left off with no progress lost! 

There's no excuse not to get started today!

Why Should I Own an Authority Site? 

If you are starting an online business in 2017 without an Authority Site, you are doing it wrong! Simply put, a proper Authority Website provides it's visitors with information they can trust about topics they are searching about. (That's the whole point of the internet!) Think that's valuable? Of course it is! People love information they can trust! Take a look at what some authority sites have sold for on earlier this month:

An Authority Site with good rankings on Google is the online equivalent to a great piece of real estate. Unlike some eBay or Amazon account that can be taken away from you at any time, Your site is truely owned by you and yours to do as you wish just like a piece of property.

Here are just a few ways you can profit from your new authority site:

  • Sell Advertising and get paid every time someone clicks an ad.  
  • Join an Affiliate Program and make big comissions when visitors buy products you recommend.  
  • Use your site to promote your existing business and get flooded by new leads!  
  • Sell your website for a big cash payout.

Here is What You Get:

The 28-Day Authority Site Challenge is a detailed Step-by-Step Actionable Gidelines to Follow on a Daily Basis to build your own Money-Making Authority Site in 28 days. The 28-Day Challenge is divided into 4 Weeks

  • Week 1: Learning Essentials of SEO and Setting up WordPress

While there are hundreds of boring articles you can read online about SEO, and still get confused where to get started, the 1st week of my 28 Day Autority Site Challenge Workbook highlights ONLY the most important things you need to know about SEO to get started.

Once you're clear with the minimum concepts of SEO, I'll then teach you how to find a profitable niche and keywords for your new site. We will then design your dream website, even if you've never built any website before. 

  • Week 2: Adding Valuable Content to Your Site

SEO in 2017 is content-driven. If you're not going to write some really engaging content, you're not going to make the money you ever dreamt of. I know you're thinking, "Writig content is pain in the ass!!" That's what I thought until I implemented a "Technique" using which I was able to produce highly engaging content with least effort and minimum time. And I guarantee even you can!

  • Week 3: Driving Insane Traffic to Your Site Using Social Media

Social Media can be the best instant traffic source to your site if done the right way. In the 3rd week of the 28 Day Challenge, I will teach you the right way to use major social media marketing platforms to drive insane traffic to your blog almost instatly. 

  • Week 4: Building High Quality Links For Long-Term Free Traffic and Monetising Your Site

And the most important part; "LINK BUILDING". In the 4th week, I'll show you some really awesome techniques that I've been using on my clients' websites. The technqiues I show you is something a very few webmasters have implemented, and have shown some really good results.

At last, I'll also talk about the best ways you can convert your traffic into real money in your pocket.

DISCLAIMER: There is no such thing as quick, easy money online. Authority sites can not be built overnight and success depends on the dedication the owner is willing to put in. As such, I do not make any guarantees about how much you will personally earn with this information

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The 28-Day Authority Site Challenge is packed with proven techniques to build an authority site is no time and start making money from it.

  • The Workbook Features a Genuine and Do-able way to actually start making money online.
  • Live Snapshots of the steps being followed are included for quick reference.
  • Includes Direct Links to Guides and Video Tutorials all along the way.
  • Includes Templates for Excel and Google Sheets that will save you hours of your valuable time.
  • Genuine and effective monetization methods explained.
  • A perfect plan for moving ahead and making it even more profitable for months and years into the future.


If after 28 days, you are unsatisfied. Get a full Refund! No questions asked, no problems!


You can trust us!

About Me

In my home country Nepal, the average weekly salary is only $75. I learned at an early age that if I wanted to live my dream lifestyle, I was going to have to do a lot better than that.

It wasn’t until I found my true passion, internet marketing, that I realized everything I wanted was possible! My first site didn’t bring in a lot of money, but over time I scaled up. 

Now I make thousands of dollars every month with my online businesses. Best of all, I have the freedom to travel, buy the things I want and have total freedom with how I live my life. 

I review SEO and website building tools on my blog

My Team

I'm lucky to be working with the best team around! Every day at our office here in Kathmandu, Nepal we test every Link Building, Social Media, and Authority Site building method we can think of!

To me, the best part is that our online success has allowed us to begin offering free and low-cost SEO and Online Marketing training here in Nepal. So your purchase today wil not only help you start earning online, but you will be helping create the next generation of Nepali onine entrepeneurs!

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If after 28 days, you are unsatisfied. Get a full Refund! No questions asked, no problems!


You can trust us!